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  • Managed Cloud vs. Unmanaged Cloud: What Is Best For You?

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 13, 2014

    In the age of Cloud Computing providers and Cloud hosting companies, consumers have a ton of choices when it comes to their providers. Conducting a quick Google search for Cloud Providers will yield the following top five results: “Introduction – Top Ten Cloud Computing Providers” “Cloud Computing Services Providers Information”  “The 100 Coolest Cloud Computing […]

  • Watch Your Favorites on Hulu Thanks to the Cloud

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 12, 2014

    Cloud computing still tends to confuse many people. A large number of companies proclaim they are using cloud technology, and sometimes the way those companies use the cloud varies so much – from offering software downloads, streaming services, or space to store photos and videos – it can be confusing to those who are just […]

  • Netflix and the Cloud – Changing the Game

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 05, 2014

    Most people today know the name Netflix, and they know that it revolutionized the way people watch movies and television at home. In their early days, they offered subscribers the ability to choose movies online, and then Netflix would send the DVD or Blu-ray right to the person’s home. They could keep it as long […]

  • Is Spotify and the Cloud Right for You?

    Posted by QuoteColo on August 04, 2014

    How do you get your music today? To understand just how far the world has come, as well as what makes Spotify one of the new, easier, and many might say better ways to consume music, it’s important to look into the past to see where it all started. In the distant past, people would […]

  • Get Familiar with Google Drive

    Posted by QuoteColo on July 29, 2014

    Everyone seems to be talking about the cloud today, and nearly everyone is using the cloud in some way, shape, or form. Some companies are approaching cloud usage with aplomb and they are actual leaders in the field, forging the way to ensure customers that the cloud is indeed a good and a safe idea. […]