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Carbonite Cloud Backup Could Be Right for You

Posted by QuoteColo on September 01, 2014 - Updated on September 11, 2014


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Carbonite is one of the leaders in the areas of cloud storage and cloud technology.

As is the case with many cloud storage companies today, there are a number of different options and plans available. These different plans naturally have different features and pricing tiers based on what an individual or a business might need. They have plans available across four different categories – Personal, Pro, Server, and Appliance. Within those categories, they have several other options.

Personal Plan Options

With the personal plan, users can choose the Basic option that costs just $59.99 per year per computer. With this option, they will have unlimited storage space for a home office computer or a family computer running on Windows or the Mac platform. The service includes automatic cloud backup, support, sync, share, and the ability to access files remotely through apps.

The Plus plan costs $99.99 per year per computer, and features unlimited space just like the basic plan. It’s important to note that this plan, as well as their Prime plan, is for Windows users only. The services include all of those mentioned in the Basic plan, as well as external hard drive backup, and mirror image backup.

The Prime plan from Carbonite has unlimited storage space in the cloud and costs $149.99 per year per computer. This includes all of the features and options from the Plus and Basic plan, as well as automatic video backup and courier recovery service. This means that you will have a copy of the backup shipped to you if you have downtime.

The personal plans have a 15-day trial where you can test out the features. It’s always a good idea to put the service through its paces before actually putting down money. Test if for the fifteen days and see if it’s the right option for you or not.

Pro Plan Options

The Pro level plans are great for businesses that need more space, more features, and simply more options. Again, they have three different levels from which a business can choose based on their needs – Basic, Plus, and Prime. All of the options within the Pro plan are HIPAA compliant, have free installation options, 7-day a week support based in the United States, and the ability for users to sync, share, and access files using apps.

The Basic plan features 250GB of storage, with additional storage available for a higher price. With this option, it is possible to share the files with an unlimited number of NAS devices, external hard drives, and computers. This plan costs $269.99 per year.

The Plus plan costs $499.99 per year and it features the same amount of storage space – 250GB – with the option of adding more. Users can share data through all of the same devices in the Basic plan. The main difference with this option is the ability to also share with Windows file servers, so users can back up their server files to the cloud.

The Prime plan is a good option for those who need to have more space. For $599.99 per year, they will receive 500GB of space, with additional space available. It offers the same features as the Plus plan. The only real difference is the space allotted.

It is possible to add an additional 100GB of storage to any of the plans Carbonite offers for $99.99 per year. The Pro plan also offers a 30-day risk free trial. You can try out the service for your business to see if it does everything that you need it to do.

Server Plans

Carbonite offers server plans, as well, and can help to protect and help to make data backup even easier. The server plans offer local, cloud, and hybrid backup options to make it easier to recover from a data disaster. It is easy to customize the servers to individual needs. This is important, as all businesses, even those in the same field, are slightly different and have different needs. They can tailor a system for you, but they have several packages from which you can choose as well.

The Basic plan is $799.99 per year and has 250GB of space available. It is possible to share between an unlimited number of physical and virtual servers, databases, live applications, Hyper-V, NAS devices, and external hard drives. As with the Pro options, these are HIPAA compliant and have free installation options.

The Plus Plan is $899.99 per year and offers 500GB of space. It offers the same features as the Basic plan, with the only difference being the additional 250GB of storage space.

The Server Pro Bundle offers a bit more. It has the same features as the other plans, but it also allows users to share the data on an unlimited number of laptops and desktops. It also allows syncing, sharing, and accessing of files using apps remotely.

Businesses who may want to buy a Server plan will want to take the risk free trial first. Carbonite offers a 30-day trial where you can make unlimited backups of the office and have access to all of the features and the benefits that the system offers. At the end of those thirty days, you will be in a much better position to determine whether you want to buy the service or not.

Appliance Plans

The Appliance plans are a bit different as they are a true hybrid solution with onsite data recovery as well as cloud backup integration. The appliance, which is an actual physical appliance, allows businesses to recover their files quickly and easily. It can recover operating systems, files, folders, applications, and more. The physical appliance does not have any hardware fees or upfront costs associated with it, and it does provide a good value for the businesses that use them. The cost of the services is $99.99 per month with 500GB for the cloud backup and 1TB for local backup. The appliances are only sold through Carbonite partners, which you can access through their website. Those who are not happy with the service within the first thirty days can send it back for a full refund.

Support, Security, and More

With all of the different options that Carbonite is able to offer, most individuals and businesses should be able to find a plan that suits their specific needs. The service offers excellent support that you will be able to access seven days a week, so you can get help when you need it. They also put a lot of effort into security for their system, so you will not have to worry about what might happen to your files.

Is Carbonite the Best Choice for You?

Now that you’ve seen the choices that Carbonite offers, you should have a better idea of whether it is the right company for you or not. They do provide a number of options that should suit nearly any need and budget. However, it is always important to look at the various options and the competition out there to be sure you are getting just what you need. Compare the features, the pricing, and other elements to make sure that you find the best plan for your storage requirements. Also, be sure to try the free trials, as this will give you the best indicator of whether it is a good choice for you or not.

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