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Archive for the ‘Bitcoin’ Category

  • How Does a Bitcoin Miner Work?

    Last Updated: August 15, 2018

    Part of the hesitancy of some people to accept Bitcoin stems from the elusive answer to what should be a very simple question: Where do Bitcoins come from? Did someone just write a program—like an app that’s money? If so, how does one acquire this digital money? Further, how does it even have real value? […]

  • How Did Bitcoin Start?

    Last Updated: August 06, 2018

    Simultaneously shrouded in intrigue and mystery, Bitcoin, as young as it is, is the thing of legends. As people all over the world try to use the cryptocurrency to earn money in ways that were never before possible, it has become an everyday part of pop culture and has made a legitimate impact on the […]

  • Learn How to Set Up Multiple ASIC Miners Remotely for Colocation

    Last Updated: July 31, 2018

    Are you interested in mining cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Litecoin? If you are, then you have probably started your research and have discovered that it is no longer possible to use just some graphics cards or CPUs as a means to mine and make a real profit, at least in the case of Bitcoin. […]

  • Best Bitcoin Hardware to Be Profitable Mining Less than 5 Total Rigs

    Last Updated: July 09, 2018

    People get into mining Bitcoin because they want to make a profit, naturally. However, many who are just starting up in this field have no idea what they should be doing if they want to be successful, at least when it comes to choosing the right type of setup. Many things have changed over the […]

  • Antminer Firmware Upgrades S9

    Nano: The Fastest Cryptocurrency Explained

    Last Updated: July 08, 2018

    With all types of cryptocurrency, transactions take mere milliseconds. To humans, that is almost instantaneous. However, the reality is that some cryptocurrency transactions can be quite slow. Why does that matter? Actually, it affects a wide range of factors, from total earnings to security to the cost involved with each transaction. Transaction speed improvement was […]