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  • 6 Best Private Cloud Hosting Providers and Companies

    Last Updated: May 08, 2017

    If you’re looking for  the best private cloud hosting providers, you could be in for a very long and confusing search. However, the following six we listed below are the best available, so it’s worth checking them out to keep this process as efficient as possible. Tierpoint Tierpoint is a very popular private cloud hosting […]

  • Cloud Lifecycle Management Techniques and Strategies

    Last Updated: April 28, 2017

    Like many companies, you’re probably planning on adopting the cloud to host your organization’s digital architecture. While you’ll soon be enjoying the cloud’s many benefits, it’s important that you understand that this asset comes with a number of responsibilities, too, in order to get the most of it. This will require understanding certain techniques and […]

  • Four Best Managed Private Cloud Hosting Solutions for Enterprise

    Last Updated: April 24, 2017

    If you run an enterprise or are the CTO, you may have finally decided to update your hosting solution. This most likely means picking a private cloud hosting service. If so, here are the best four out there. Rackspace As the “number one managed cloud company” it should probably come as no surprise that this […]

  • How Does the Open Cloud Exchange Function to Support Scalability?

    Last Updated: April 17, 2017

    Every company would like the option of scaling up without hassle, but this is always easier said than done. However, more and more companies are finding out that scalability is well within their reach when they use Open Cloud Exchange. What Is Open Cloud Exchange? Before we talk about how it can help with scalability, […]

  • Top Five Alternatives to Amazon AWS Cloud

    Last Updated: August 26, 2016

    One of the many wonderful aspects to Amazon is there AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud offering. For anyone who has ever looked into opening a Cloud hosting account with AWS, you know that Amazon AWS offers consumers a wide range of hosting options, solid data center infrastructure, reasonable monthly prices (by hour is available) and […]