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  • How to Start Your Own Cloud Hosting Business

    Last Updated: January 12, 2015

    Have you been thinking about starting your own cloud hosting business? Cloud computing is a great option for many companies today, and that means business opportunities are ripe for those who want to start offering these types of services. Companies know the benefits that cloud computing can offer, such as cost effectiveness, scalability, and fast […]

  • Revealed: Why Hosting SharePoint in the Cloud Increases Profits

    Last Updated: January 07, 2015

    SharePoint is a popular platform from Microsoft that’s been around since 2001. It allows companies to integrate a variety of different elements, including their content and documents and make them easier to manage. This intranet connects many different elements of the company, making it fast and easy to find the information they need. This can […]

  • HostGator Cloud Hosting Pros and Cons

    Last Updated: January 02, 2015

    When you weigh the decision of what cloud host you want, whether you are setting up a large site for your business, or you are creating a website for your growing company, you want the best. Of course, with all of the different options and plans out there, trying to decipher just what the “best” […]

  • How to Host Your Own Cloud Server

    Last Updated: December 30, 2014

    So you’re interested in hosting your own cloud server at home? No problem. Much like baking a cake or making your favorite dish for dinner, building and operating your own cloud server at home is as simple as collecting the needed ingredients and following a basic – albeit technical – recipe. This said, we are […]

  • 8 Facts You Need to Know: Beginner’s Guide to Hosting QuickBooks in the Cloud

    Last Updated: December 24, 2014

    QuickBooks is one of the most popular applications for small and mid-sized businesses today. It’s the “go to” program for companies that need a high quality way to manage their inventory, sales, payroll, and a host of other small business needs. It offers marketing tools, merchant services, and much more. It’s been a solution businesses […]