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  • The Internet of Things Comes Alive

    Last Updated: February 10, 2014

    Make no mistake about it, the Internet of Things (IoT) is about to have its moment in the sun. With the recent purchase of Nest by the search marketing giant Google, the Internet of Things is set to turn the Cloud into more than a mix of private, public and hybrid deployments. With the purchase […]

  • Why the Public Cloud Will Endure

    Last Updated: February 07, 2014

    Announced on January 30, 2014, an unknown amount of Yahoo Mail accounts were hacked. The hack released personal information, emails and records to the, at the moment, unknown hackers. For anyone watching from the outside, stories like this are commonplace. Not a month goes by in which some Public Cloud service isn’t hacked. From Linkedin […]

  • Dealing with Cloud Downtime Pt. 3

    Last Updated: February 06, 2014

    In “Dealing with Cloud Downtime Pt. 2” we covered how consumers should deal with Cloud hosting downtime. In the final chapter of “Dealing with Cloud Downtime” we are going to cover how providers should deal with downtime and what their response says about their team. 1.     Acknowledge the Problem Without question, the first step a […]

  • Dealing with Cloud Downtime Pt. 2

    Last Updated: February 05, 2014

    In “Dealing with Cloud Downtime Pt. 1”, we discussed why the Cloud fails, why consumers experience downtime and why Cloud marketers have sold the Cloud as a 99.99% uptime solution. If you haven’t read it, we suggest you do. The end of “Dealing with Cloud Downtime Pt. 1” left off with how consumers should react […]

  • Dealing with Cloud Downtime Pt. 1

    Last Updated: February 04, 2014

    Every Cloud Hosting company, be they private or public Cloud providers, has sold their product on 99.99% uptime. Beyond all other needs, Cloud solutions took 2013 to actively sell their product by way of squashing downtime concerns. But here is the thing: what most providers don’t tell the public is that that their solutions do […]