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  • Will the Personal Cloud Come Up Big in 2014?

    Last Updated: January 15, 2014

    We have all heard of the Public Cloud. We have all heard about the Private Cloud. Some of us have heard about the Hybrid Cloud. But, what about the Personal Cloud? If you have seen the ads running between commercial breaks of your favorite television program, Western Digital has begun marketing what they are calling, […]

  • The Rise of Geo Cloud Computing and CDN’s

    Last Updated: January 14, 2014

    The Cloud is everywhere these days. With the quick rise of Cloud Computing solutions in 2013, it seems that every IT company around the world is in the process of bringing their own Cloud offering to the table. Both virtually and physically, the Cloud is everywhere. With the rise of Cloud hosting solutions in 2013, […]

  • The Power of Cloud Applications

    Last Updated: January 13, 2014

    For all the power of the Cloud, most consumers still have no idea what Cloud Computing is or how it works. Now, while the tech concepts behind the Cloud can be difficult to explain, for customer facing purposes, nothing is easier to explain than Cloud applications. So, what are Cloud applications? Cloud Applications Are… Cloud […]

  • Where Will the Cloud Go in 2014?

    Last Updated: January 09, 2014

    This time of the year is always packed with articles summarizing the past year or predicting the year to come. If you happen to wander over to Twitter and do a controlled hashtag search for anything web hosting related, you will find a plethora of content predicting the year to come in Cloud Hosting or […]

  • cloud server hosting new jersey

    Cloud Server Hosting in New Jersey

    Last Updated: December 10, 2013

    If you live in New Jersey or in the New York Metropolitan area, finding affordable and powerful Cloud server hosting isn’t a hard goal to accomplish. With two major Cloud server hosting companies (Linode and Solar VPS) and a few major data center providers being located in the state (Digital Realty Trust, Datapipe, Coresite, Savvis), […]