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  • What Defines a Cloud Computing Solution?

    Last Updated: October 15, 2013

    A lot has been made of what Cloud computing is or what Cloud computing isn’t. While the majority of the public either understands Cloud computing solutions in terms of the applications they use on their daily basis to stream music, surf social media networks or stream video content, the majority of the public doesn’t understand […]

  • How Private Cloud Computing Works

    Last Updated: October 02, 2013

    The Cloud, like onions and parfaits, has layers. Those layers are distinguishable through the “as a Service” they provide and through its public vs. private nature. While most people know more about the public Cloud through applications like Spotify, Netflix and social media networks like Facebook, the private Cloud is a bit less understood. Due […]

  • Utilizing the Hybrid Cloud

    Last Updated: October 01, 2013

    The Cloud can be a tricky thing. While most people know the Cloud from their Spotify and Twitter accounts, employees know the Cloud from their corporate Cloud access (also known as a private Cloud deployment). While one – the public Cloud – is accessible to everyone with an Internet connection, the other – the private […]

  • Dedicated Servers vs. Cloud Hosting

    Last Updated: September 29, 2013

      When it comes to picking your web hosting solution of choice, you have options. For the company who is just starting off or for the blogger who uses limited resources, a shared hosting environment might be the best choice. For the company who uses a decent amount of resources and receives a decent amount […]

  • On the Benefits of SaaS

    Last Updated: September 27, 2013

    Unless you have been living under a rock on the far side of the Mars, you have probably heard of the Cloud along with the “as a Service” market. For those of you who have no heard about the Cloud, we direct you our “Foundations of the Cloud” article. That article will teach what the […]