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  • Questions to Ask Your Colocation Service Provider

    Last Updated: April 09, 2014

    So, you’re looking for a colocation web server provider? You have already built your colocation servers and now you are just looking for the right data center provider. Well, before you invest in long-term colocation services with one provider, below are some questions you might want to ask. What Tier Data Center Do You Operate […]

  • How Does Colocation Work?

    Last Updated: April 07, 2014

      So, you’re the type of do it yourself man who wants to have the best web hosting services around with the ability to manage your own hardware and software inside of a tier 3, tier 3 + or tier 4 data center? Well, if the responsibility and technical knowhow of managing your own web […]

  • Data Center Migrations: The Wrong and Right Way Pt. 1

    Last Updated: March 24, 2014

    One of the eternal truths of the web hosting industry is from time to time; a forced migration will take place. Due to a web hosting, colocation, Cloud hosting or dedicated server company expanding or shrinking, that company will move data centers to accommodate their server and hardware needs. The migration – another way of […]

  • Securing Colocation and Data Centers Against the NSA

    Last Updated: March 20, 2014

    It’s about time we acknowledge a truth. Due to Edward Snowden, the NSA and corporate data intrusion, it’s about time we acknowledge a truth about colocation, Cloud hosting and data center security. With recent revelations, it’s about time we hear at and data center providers in general openly state where we once thought data […]

  • North American & Global Data Center Financial Investments Pt 3

    Last Updated: March 07, 2014

    ­In our final piece on North American and Global Data center trends over the past few years, we are going to cover the growth of retail colocation space in North America and Europe. In addition, we are going to chat about a whopping data center statistic coming out of New York City. Retail Colocation Growth […]