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  • Is Colocation Cheaper Than Renting a Server?

    Last Updated: December 06, 2013

    Is Colocation cheaper than renting a server? This is a question we get a lot. We get this question a lot because from the outside perspective, a shared hosting account, a Cloud hosting server and a VPS account all look cheaper and more affordable than investing in colocation solutions. While the sticker price of renting […]

  • Data Center Fire Suppression

    Last Updated: December 05, 2013

    Whether you are investing in a colocation data center facility or whether you are the hosting company running the data center web hosting facility, colocation data center fire suppression systems are needed. At this moment, you are thinking, colocation centers’ fire suppression system? That’s simple, let’s install some wet pipes or some pre-action/dry pipes, mount […]

  • What Are The Main Components of a Data Center?

    Last Updated: December 04, 2013

    If you are new to web hosting, dedicated servers, Cloud hosting or colocation solutions, you are invariably new to the world of data centers. Before we get into what makes a data center a data center, we need to explain what a data center is and how they impact your colocation web hosting services. A […]

  • Breaking Down Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting

    Last Updated: December 03, 2013

    Here’s the thing, we could use this space to talk about how shared hosting accounts lack security, how shared hosting accounts lack solid resources, how shared hosting accounts lack the customization capabilities and how shared hosting accounts are essentially throwing money down the drain. Likewise, we could use this space to talk about how dedicated […]

  • Has Server Colocation Pricing Hit Rock Bottom?

    Last Updated: November 29, 2013

    The eternal question of how much money needs to be spent to receive the solutions you crave and need. Let’s get two things out of the way: 1) Colocation web hosting services are expensive when compared to Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting. 2) Due to competition in the market between providers and colocation data center […]