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  • Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Data Center Containment

    Last Updated: August 02, 2020

    Hot Aisle and Cold Aisle Data Center Containment Many data centers today utilize hot aisle and cold aisle arrangements for the server racks they contain. When you are looking for a data center to house your server, you may see information on their site that talks about these arrangements. You might be wondering what these […]

  • Server Management Strategies for Startups

    Last Updated: September 01, 2016

    In many ways, the path to success for your startup is built on proper management. You need to manage your staff, of course, and, eventually, some investors. Along the way, you’ll have to manage a number of expectations too. There are plenty of other factors that need managing as well and, should you ever neglect […]

  • Toronto: Becoming Canada’s Silicon Valley

    Last Updated: July 12, 2016

    California’s Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s largest and best known technology firms. It’s long been the center for innovation and technological evolution in North America, but it has its rivals. One upcoming city is Toronto, Ontario, in Canada. In fact, the Toronto-Waterloo corridor is poised to become Canada’s own Silicon Valley. […]

  • The Denver, CO Airport: Secret Military Base or Huge Server Farm?

    Last Updated: July 07, 2016

    Were you one of the people surprised when the Denver, CO, airport shut down after the attacks in Belgium? What did the one have to do with the other? Well, if you’re a conspiracy theorist, or just a very observant private citizen, it definitely smacked of something fishy. Perhaps the rumors that DIA (Denver International […]

  • Best White Label Dedicated Server Vendors

    Last Updated: May 07, 2015

    Those who are thinking of starting a server and hosting reselling company, or those who are looking to improve what their current company offers, should consider white labeling. A number of different vendors today are offering up dedicated servers and allowing users to take the white label approach when they are reselling. Let’s look at […]

  • Tips to Find PlayStation 4 Dedicated Servers

    Last Updated: May 06, 2015

    One of the misconceptions that many people have when they are talking about dedicated servers for PS4 is in believing that Sony actually has dedicated servers set up for games on the system. This is only partially true, and often, it’s not even Sony that sets up the dedicated servers. This can make it difficult […]