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Cloud Computing and Microsoft Office 365 for Business

Posted by QuoteColo on September 29, 2014 - Updated on September 23, 2014

Cloud Computing and Microsoft Office 365 for Business

In the past, having the right pieces of software was essential for business, just as it is today. However, getting and installing the software on all of the computers in the business was a time consuming and costly process. Cloud computing has helped to change this substantially. Many businesses today are gravitating to Microsoft Office 365, thanks to the benefits it is able to offer. Their cloud collaboration and communication software is actually more popular than many of the previous iterations of the software that was on disk alone.

What Does Microsoft 365 Offer?

The suite offers cloud based versions of the most popular products from Microsoft. They have a range of the most popular applications that people know and love, including Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, Access, and PowerPoint. These programs are helpful to businesses of all types large and small.

One of the nice things about using this system is the familiarity that it offers. Since Office has been such an important part of many businesses for so long, it only makes sense to stick with software the employees already know how to use. It cuts down substantially on the learning curve.

When you examine the cost of the cloud computing suite, you can also see that it is able to offer a very good deal. Keep in mind that the price of software services can change at any time, so always review the current prices and features before choosing anything.

More Benefits of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 makes IT management much easier for a small business. Instead of having to load the software onto individual computers, it all happens through the cloud. This is true of the updates as well. With a press of a button, the software can be good to go. It is fast and easy, and even those companies without a dedicated IT department will find it simple to integrate.

It’s mobile as well, and this is something that people really love. Much of the work that happens today actually happens outside of the workplace. This means that having a system that’s accessible from anywhere, as Microsoft Office 365 is, makes working far easier.

The system also happens to be secure and reliable. The data centers are able to offer top quality disaster recovery abilities. They are in a variety of different areas as well, and you will have redundant backups, so if something were to happen to one data center, you can be sure your data is still safe. You do not have to worry that something such as a natural disaster could wipe out all of your data. Those companies that continue to keep their information on servers in their physical location and that do not have offsite backup could be in for trouble.

Look to More Cloud Computing Software

The cloud is becoming more and more important for businesses of all sizes. Companies that want to excel will start looking at Microsoft 365 and similar cloud software options. Consider some of the other types of cloud service software available such as that from Adobe, as well as the many different storage and collaboration options available, such as Dropbox. These other options, when combined with Office 365, can be a great solution for your business’s computing needs.

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