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Cloud Computing is in its Infancy

Posted by QuoteColo on March 31, 2014 - Updated on March 27, 2014

cloud computing is in its infancy

If you could name the best thing about Cloud solutions, what would it be? Would it be the ability of the Cloud to scale to consumer need? Would it be the ability of Cloud servers to provide virtualized resources at a cheap price? How about the instant data access from anywhere in the world with a stable Internet connection?

All of those aspects of Cloud Computing are wonderful. However, if you were to ask the team at Quotecolo what the best part of the Cloud is, we would say how young it is.

For all the massive benefits of Cloud based technologies and solutions, the one benefit which stands over the rest is how little we have tapped into the true potential of the technology. You have to remember; even though it feels like IT companies and marketers have been beating the public marketplace over the head with the term “Cloud Computing” for the past three years, it has only been three years since the beating began.

That’s right. Before late 2011 into 2012, no one outside of the IT industry had ever heard about the tech. The Cloud was a term morphed from “grid computing” specifically designed to sell IT solutions to the public. Before 2011, the public hadn’t heard the term because it the tech wasn’t ready yet for maximum distribution.

It’s only 2014. The biggest benefit of Cloud services is that it’s only 2014. With the coming of the Internet of Things and once the term stops being abused, the technology will begin to show its true capabilities.

The Shape of Things to Come

In the coming months and years, the Cloud will begin to take on a different meaning. As new technologies are created and gain maximum public use, Cloud based technologies will form the bedrock upon which newer technologies sit. A perfect example of this is the Internet of Things.

While some call it the Net of Everything, the Internet of Things is the term applied to connected devices. The Internet of Things allows a refrigerator to talk to your smartphone and a carbon monoxide detector to convey information to your laptop in real time. The age of connected devices will pose the next giant step forward in IT evolution. For that giant leap forward to happen, the Cloud bedrock will have to become much stronger, much more agile, and much more flexible and grow in data center capacity.

Luckily for emerging techs like the Internet of Things, that growth is currently taking place. As noted by multiple 451 Research and Gartner studies, the use of data center web hosting facilities both domestically and internationally has been steadily rising since late 2008. As more and more consumers flood the market with mobile devices running Cloud based applications, data center providers have made it their job to both expand internal capacity and streamline power conservation by shutting down old servers or merging existing Cloud servers into a more dynamic allocation. Add to this the growing use of the private Cloud to power IT needs, and you can begin to see why the Cloud has so much room to grow.

As noted by Joe Kovar of CRN:

“For companies running large data centers that serve a large internal customer base and/or a security-sensitive external customer base, the development of private clouds, usually taking advantage of hardware and software infrastructures already in place, can be a serious boon in efficiency.”

“So, at the risk of sounding obvious, 2014 will be a big growth year for private clouds. The year also will see a huge push by solution providers who have in the past generated the bulk of their revenue from hardware to make private cloud a key offering for customers.”

All in all, the single largest benefit of the Cloud is its infancy. Only time will tell what is to come.

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