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Cloud Computing Is the Best Option for Many Small Businesses

Posted by QuoteColo on May 28, 2014 - Updated on May 28, 2014

cloud computing and uploadingCloud computing could very well be the best option for your small business. It has a number of advantages and benefits over traditional onsite servers, and it is easier and cheaper to use, making it ideal for those companies and individuals who are just starting out and who do not want to spend too much money on technology they don’t really understand. Computing in the cloud simply makes everything easier, as The Guardian points out.

Where and When You Need It

In the past, you would have to by physical software for your computers and run it locally on your computers. This was simply the way of the world. With the cloud model, things are much different, and it is getting far easier for many small businesses to compete with their larger competitors because of it. When you are using cloud-based software, you can access it directly through your Internet browser. How is this helpful?

It means you can connect to your software regardless of where you might be as long as you have an Internet connection. Consider for a moment just how helpful this might be to various businesses. If you are on the road, at a meeting or a conference, you can pull up your software to work or show a current project easily. You do not need to have access to your home computer.

Additionally, this means that it is quite easy to collaborate with your colleagues. An entire team working on a single project could be living in separate parts of the country. As long as they have access to the same cloud software, they can work on and update the project in real time at the same time. This is a great benefit for many.

No IT Issues

When you have software installed on your own computers, you need to have people who know how to troubleshoot it when it doesn’t work properly. With cloud computing, you are able to use the software without worrying about installation or maintenance. Everything is ready to go for you. You don’t need to make any additional investments in servers either, which is great for those who may need to utilize a substantial amount of software or services.

Keep Going

What would happen if your main computer you work with were to stop functioning tomorrow? If you have all of your software and data saved onto that single computer, it could devastate your business. It might be days before you were up and running on another computer, and there is the chance that you could have lost data. Cloud computing software ensures that the only thing you need to do is switch to a computer with Internet access, and you are good to go. You will be up and running again in minutes.

The “cloud” is becoming more and more popular for all types of businesses today. From hosting to software and more, cloud computing is changing the ways that people think about doing business, and even getting entertainment. Consider the popularity of online streaming sites such as Netflix. The cloud is more than a mere buzzword. It is here to stay, and there will likely continue to be more advances with cloud-based software, hosting, and other services in the coming years. It’s time that your small business started to take advantage of all of these new and emerging technologies so you can stay on the cutting edge.


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