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What is Cloud Computing, also known as Cloud Hosting?
Cloud computing can be simply defined as the ability to receive computing resources over a simple internet connection. Instead of buying or leasing computer hardware or software, end users can simply pay a monthly fee for what they actually use. Cloud hosting providers offer the “cloud” which can be defined as the hardware, software, applications, storage, network connectivity and other services.  To find the most qualified cloud hosting provider for your specific requirements, call us at 888-400-5732 or fill out our simple submit form. A cloud specialist will reach out to you immediately and you will start to receive custom price quotes within minutes.
The 5 Ws of Cloud Computing

  • WHO

Who uses cloud computing?

The simple answer is almost everyone with an Internet connection and/or a Smart Phone! If you have a Gmail or Yahoo email account, you are using a cloud computing service. Consumers are taking advantage of free cloud storage services like iCloud and DropBox for personal documents and photos. Businesses are also a major user of cloud hosting services. Small, medium and large businesses alike are moving to the “cloud” to take advantage of its scalability, cost-savings and mobility.

  • WHAT

What are the main types of cloud computing?

There are three primary types of cloud computing. Public cloud computing is a standardized, multi tenant environment in which end users purchase a “section” of the cloud. The public cloud is by far the most popular and cost-effective cloud solution available. Private cloud hosting is a single tenant infrastructure in which all computer resources reside behind a firewall and are dedicated to a single end user or company. Private clouds are popular among companies looking for a dedicated and secure infrastructure that can meet compliance standards like PCI, HIPAA and Sarbanes Oxley. Hybrid cloud hosting is a mixture of both public and private cloud options. A great example would be an enterprise client using a hosted private cloud for secure internal applications/websites and using a cost-effective public cloud for its non secure storage requirements. Hybrid clouds can also be spread across existing colocation and dedicated server infrastructure.


Where can you find cloud hosting?

Fortunately, cloud hosting can be found all over the world! Today, cloud hosting providers are available on a national and local level. National providers like Amazon and Rack Space offer great service options with cloud data centers all over the world. Local cloud providers can be found in all the major US cities. Using a brokerage service like will help your company find the best and most cost-effective cloud provider for your specific cloud hosting requirements!

  • WHEN

When do you need cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a great option for both start-ups and enterprise companies alike. Start-up companies are a perfect fit for the “cloud” when they require a cost effective and scalable hosted solution. Enterprise companies are moving to the cloud when their existing hosted infrastructure is at “end of life” and they want to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits – savings, mobility and scalability. Enterprise clients are also using the cloud for secondary and disaster recovery hosted options.

  • WHY

Why are companies using cloud computing?

Along with easy access via any Internet connection, public cloud solutions offer unlimited scalability and a “pay as you go” model to turn up or down cloud computing resources on call. This is a great feature for companies who are doing development work and/or who have seasonal fluctations in computing resources and traffic levels. Private cloud hosting offers a fully managed and customizable solution that will meet very stringent security and industry compliance requirements. Hybrid clouds allow clients to customize cloud services along with existing colocation and dedicated server infrastructure.

Cloud computing has changed the landscape on how individuals and companies can host mission critical web infrastructure. If your firm is looking for a cloud provider, please give us a call at 888-400-5732 or fill out one of our easy submit forms and a cloud specialist will contact you to discuss your specific cloud hosting requirements like Dallas colocation or Boston colocation.