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Bare Metal Cloud Hosting

bare metal cloud hosting

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What is Bare Metal Cloud Computing also known as Bare Metal Cloud Hosting?
In the last few years, companies all over the world have been adopting cloud technology into their everyday workings. The cloud has provided a number of unique benefits, but in that time, some potential holes have been found too. Fortunately, they’ve simply amounted to “one size does not fit all”, even when it comes to something as advanced as the cloud.

One response to this has been Bare Metal Cloud Hosting. The name originates from the term “bare metal.” It refers to a computer system that lacks a central operating system as well as any software. A hard drive is a good example of this, because when you buy it, it comes as nothing more than “bare metal.”

The 5 Ws of Bare Metal Cloud Hosting

  • WHO

Who can benefit from Bare Metal Cloud Hosting?

Any company that has found themselves using public or private cloud server hosting to increase their ability to innovate while cutting down on overhead may find a need for a Bare Metal version. Many of these companies have since discovered that their demands placed too much stress on traditional cloud offerings. The result was often noticeable inefficiencies in their digital operations.

  • WHAT

What does Bare Metal Cloud Hosting do differently?

Bare Metal versions essentially do away with the virtualized environment most people associate with the cloud. Other times, it may simply be more accurate to say it complements it. But by eliminating this overhead, Bare Metal Cloud Hosting can allow for the efficiency and scalability most companies want, without all the stress that leads to errors. By using actual hardware to supplement the loss of virtualization, companies don’t necessarily have to suffer a tradeoff.


Where can I find Bare Metal Cloud Hosting?

Many cloud providers are beginning to respond to the demand for Bare Metal Cloud Hosting and there’s some reason to believe the trend will continue in that direction. Already your options include RackSpace, Internap, SoftLayer, New Servers and SingleHop amongst others.

However, if your current hosting company is not providing this service or you simply want to shop around, you should speak to QuoteColo. As a free service, QuoteColo can help you find the right provider so your company gets exactly what they need from a Bare Metal Cloud.

  • WHEN

When might it be appropriate for a company to switch to Bare Metal Hosting?

If a company has encountered some of the above mentioned problems, they’ll want either their IT team or the hosting company to take a look at the issue first. There could be a number of elements at play. However, if the problems become reoccurring, then Bare Metal Hosting may very well be the solution. They’ll also want to make sure any hardware demands will fit within their budget, though the financial tradeoff involved should help a bit in this aspect.

  • WHY

Why should a company choose Bare Metal Cloud Hosting?

The main reason would be if they’re already using cloud hosting and finding that it’s causing more problems than it’s worth. However, in many ways, Bare Metal Cloud Hosting can actually provide many benefits too. Which means if your company simply wants to plan ahead of doesn’t have any cloud hosting at the moment, but would like to sidestep potential pitfalls while gaining some advantages, it makes sense to switch to Bare Metal.

Again, help is not far away if you need assistance making sense of Bare Metal Cloud Hosting or Bitcoin hosting or you simply need to find a provider in your area. You can call QuoteColo at 888-403-5732 or fill out our convenient Quick Form. Within hours we’ll get back to you with the information you need to get a Bare Metal Cloud up and running for your company. This advice is free and comes without obligation.