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What is Enterprise Cloud Computing, also known as Enterprise Cloud Hosting?
Cloud computing generally caters to two market segments; businesses and consumers. The cloud service targeted at consumers is called ‘public cloud computing’. This is best suited for personal and business purposes where data security, performance or resource customization is not a priority. Even though ‘public clouds’ offer huge cost savings, they are most definitely not suited for most enterprises where business needs keeps changing and data security is a high priority ASIC miner hosting. So, for enterprises that need high performance, security, and customization, a solution called ‘enterprise cloud computing’ is the best available option. Call us at 888-400-5732 or email sales (at)  so our experts can help you identify the most cost-effective and best enterprise cloud solution for your business needs.
Enterprise vs. Public Cloud

An enterprise cloud is more secure than a public cloud because it is only accessible from behind your organization’s firewall. With an enterprise cloud, your organization has the flexibility to choose which employees, business partners and customers get access to the specific computing resources and data within the cloud. A good cloud service provider will also ensure ample physical security of your data at their datacenter, so you don’t ever have to worry about losing it.

Compared to the public version, an enterprise cloud also offers a higher level of customization. Depending on which type of enterprise cloud solution you choose, computing resources can be scaled up or torn down with ease whenever your business demands it. The level of customization and performance you get is on par with in-house IT infrastructure, but without the hassle of hiring IT professionals or having to manage hardware at your premises.

An enterprise cloud also offers more reliability than a public cloud. You can customize the level of hardware and network redundancy so that your company gets uninterrupted access. All these features come with the same cost benefits of a public cloud, since computing resources are leased and not purchased.

Types of Enterprise Cloud Services
  • Private Cloud:All physical servers of the cloud are co-located at the same datacenter. All servers or resources in the cloud are dedicated to only one organization. This solution offers the highest level of security and performance, but can also be more expensive than other types of enterprise cloud solutions.
  • Hybrid Cloud:This solution is best in terms of customization and scalability. You can rent a mix of dedicated physical servers and virtual instances on-demand, depending on your business needs.
  • Cloud Hosting:With this cloud solution, you only rent virtual instances and computing resources are shared between customers. None of the physical servers are dedicated to a single customer. This has similar cost benefits to public clouds, but also offers high security and better customization options.

As you can see, finding the most cost effective enterprise cloud solution that suits your business needs can be a bit tricky. Call us at 888-400-5732 or email [email protected] so our experts can help you select the best cloud solution.