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Hybrid Cloud Hosting

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What is Hybrid Cloud Computing, also known as Hybrid Cloud Hosting?
Hybrid Cloud Hosting comes in a variety of options. The most well know form of Hybrid Cloud is when clients mix and match both public and private cloud computing services under a single hosted environment. For example, clients will host their website data on a public cloud while hosting their confidential database(s) and customer confidential information on a secure private cloud. Other clouds become “hybrid” when either public or private cloud services are mixed with a dedicated or collocated server(s) within a data center cloud environment. Try our Free, No Obligation service that will source you direct cloud hosting pricing from the most qualified and cost-effective Hybrid Cloud Providers.

Outsourcing your Hybrid Cloud Hosting infrastructure to a qualified cloud provider offers many advantages versus hosting it in house.


Hybrid cloud providers already have the server hardware and software in the “cloud.” This eliminates the need to spend thousand and thousand of dollars on hardware/software that will most likely be outdated in 2- 3 years. Plus, when the equipment breaks, needs maintenance or repairs, your firm will not be responsible for those costs.

Qualified cloud providers offer state of the art cloud infrastructure from industry leading names like VM Ware, IBM and Dell. Along with the “hard” costs, using a hybrid cloud provider eliminates the need to hire and train key IT personnel. Qualified outsourced cloud providers have a staff of skilled engineers round the clock delivering customer support.


An outsourced managed hybrid cloud environment offers industry leading security with limited physical access to the facility (and cloud) where your mission critical data and applications are stored. Reputable cloud providers offer hardened and secure data center environments with 24/7 on-site guards, biometric scanning for access and key card and padlocked access doors. Along with physical security, cloud vendors will also manage the network piece of the security puzzle. Custom firewalls and intrusion detection are just a few of the things that will be used to keep your Internet traffic safe and secure. Best of all, managed cloud providers are making continuous investments in these types of security procedures and practices. Most in house data centers can’t come close to this type of physical and network security without huge outlays of cash!


Cloud hosting allows companies to deploy new platforms more quickly. No longer will companies need to validate new equipment when introducing hardware into your network. Working with a qualified cloud hosting provider allows businesses to easily scale their infrastructure as the business grows without worrying about managing the hardware. Scalability can help worldwide expansion through a cloud provider with a global footprint rather than building data centers in-house, managing employees and coordinating third party vendors.

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