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Top ranked local and national IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud providers will compete for your business. Our service will source you direct quotes from the most qualified and cost-effective IaaS cloud providers. Best of all, our service is FREE and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

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What is IaaS Hosting, also known as Infrastructure as a Service Hosting?
IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Hosting is when the data center cloud provider supplies and maintains the servers, hardware, and network bandwidth in a pay as you go model. IaaS is the most popular forms of cloud computing and BTC ASIC miner hosting today. Let our cloud experts find your company the best IaaS hosting company for your specific requirements. Contact us today at 888-400-5732 or
The 5 Ws of Infrastructure as a Service

If you haven’t heard of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) before, your company could potentially be missing out on a lot of benefits that would both help its performance and save money. To learn about the 5 Ws associated with IaaS, keep reading.

  • WHO

Who needs Infrastructure as a Service?

Many companies would benefit from using Infrastructure as a Service. It can save physical space and money, while not losing any functionality. Of course, Infrastructure as a Service is best suited for companies that are comfortable working within the cloud.

  • WHAT

What does Infrastructure as a Service entail?

When a company takes advantage of IaaS, it is literally outsourcing the majority of the support needed for its digital and hosted operations. This includes elements such as hardware, storage, networking components, and servers. It’s the Infrastructure as a Service provider that actually owns all the necessary elements. But the company that’s paying to use them is given full access and, for the most part, control over them.


Where can you find Infrastructure as a Service providers?

These providers can be found in every major city throughout the US, as well as abroad. Because these infrastructures can be accessed through the cloud, there are almost no limits stopping you from finding and choosing the provider that will be best for your company. However, as this can often entail a lot of guess work, consider contacting QuoteColo today for help finding the provider that will be right for you. We will directly connect you with the most qualified and cost-effective IaaS providers in the World!

  • WHEN

When does it make sense for a company to consider Infrastructure as a Service?

Most would agree there’s never a bad time, given the many advantages that come from IaaS. But there are some key times when it might make the most sense to begin seeking out a provider.

Your company may be in a phase when it’s looking to start focusing its attention on more ambitious goals than simply the day to day running of the company itself. When this happens, Infrastructure as a Service can be extremely helpful in allowing your business to shift focus without giving anything up.

If your company is moving up or down in size, Infrastructure as a Service may be appropriate during this transition and even long after. IaaS is well known for being very scalable, meaning you can customize it to support the size your company is about to become.

Companies that are just starting out can especially benefit from using Infrastructure as a Service. It’s not rare for a small or medium sized company that’s just starting out to struggle with the cost of its necessary IT infrastructure. But the answer doesn’t need to be going without. IaaS can provide an affordable alternative that allows companies to start competing right out of the gate.

  • WHY

Why do companies choose to use Infrastructure as a Service?

Because it gives them all of the functionality they need at a much lower cost. It’s not just for small and medium sized businesses or the ones that are still operating within their first years. Many companies that are looking to cut costs in this economy are deciding Infrastructure as a Service is the way to go.

Many companies are even looking to Infrastructure as a Service to help them reduce their carbon footprints. Because so many different companies can use the same IaaS provider, no IT resources go to waste. In fact, they’re optimized far more than they otherwise would have been. For that reason, some businesses are using IaaS to help them reach their green goals.

Whether you’re looking to save costs, your company’s just starting out, or it’s going through a major transition, there are countless reasons for investing in IaaS. Don’t have this conversation alone, though. QuoteColo can offer free consultations that will help you decide if Infrastructure as a Service is right for you. Furthermore, we can help make sense out of all the IaaS options you have to choose from. Give us a call today at 888-400-5732 to begin the conversation. If it’s more convenient, you can also fill out our user-friendly quick form, and we’ll be sure to get back to you within a few minutes. Don’t let a great opportunity like IaaS go unrecognized. Contact QuoteColo today.