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What is Managed Cloud Computing, also known as Managed Cloud Hosting?
Much like managed dedicated servers, managed cloud hosting gives the end client all the resources and benefits of cloud computing with additional managed services such as cloud architecture and monitoring. ASIC miner hosting for Bitcoin and colocation clients can concentrate on their business instead of managing a complex cloud infrastructure. Just like cloud computing services, managed hosting servers can be bought ‘by-the-slice’ or one virtual server at a time and have many extra benefits. Call us at 888-400-5732 or email [email protected] and we will help you hand-pick the best and most secure managed cloud hosting providers for your business’ needs.
Here are just 5 of its major benefits:

  • Availability

A managed cloud is centered around a very high availability architecture with redundancy built in across multiple hosts, the storage and the security. This gives failover protection as well as the ability to maintain and update hardware without a maintenance window.

  • Network Security

The same security and network environment found in private cloud solutions can be had here too. This is achieved with dedicated and secure VLAN’s, IDS/IPS and firewalls and can be used with any cloud servers.

  • Failover and Balancing

Automatic failover and resource balancing can be achieved between hardware hosts which is taken care of at the virtualization level. This lets the servers take full advantage of the high availability characteristics if any hosts were to fail.

  • Hybrid

Sometimes applications and databases can’t get enough performance from a virtual server and this is the ideal time to use a dedicated, physical server in conjunction with the virtual ones. This creates a really powerful hybrid system with all the benefits of both a physical and virtual server in the same, sleek system.

  • Cost

It’s been shown that managed cloud systems are often just as cost-effective as public ones. While you can’t buy servers per hour this way, longer-term enterprise applications rarely need it anyway.

While it’s true that not all types of applications can take full advantage of managed cloud hosting such as research, development and test servers, many others are prime candidates.

Managed cloud hosting is the ideal solution for small to medium size businesses that need the quality of an enterprise private cloud with high security, availability and redundancy with the added affordability. Managed clouds can be implemented extremely quickly and can be scaled for maximum performance and capacity really efficiently. This allows companies to start out small and quickly scale up really big without any major concerns of costs or upfront investment.

Call us at 888-400-5732 or email [email protected]  and we will help you get the best managed cloud hosting for your specific needs.