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What Are Some Limitations of Cloud Infrastructures

Posted by QuoteColo on October 19, 2019

Cloud infrastructures have become popular in recent years, and while it is true that they have a lot of potential and are useful, there are also some problems and limitations that can come from using them. Instead of merely choosing a cloud infrastructure for your business, you might want to consider the benefits that colocation could offer. Below, we will be looking at some of the issues that can crop up when it comes to the cloud infrastructure.


When you are working in the cloud, if the cloud is down or running slow, it means that things at your company are likely to grind to a halt. People will not be able to access the files they need. If your site is in the cloud, it means that customers and clients will not be able to get onto the site either. This can seriously and negatively affect your business. Instead of letting this happen, it might be a better idea to choose a cloud colocation center that can provide redundant power. While some cloud infrastructures promise a substantial amount of uptime, they cannot always follow through. Trying to shore up these problems can end up being expensive.

How Secure Is the Data?

One of the other potential limitations that could determine whether or not you want to trust your data in a cloud infrastructure is security. Just how safe will the data be? This is something that will vary from one provider to another. These providers are expected to manage your data and provide the safety measures that are needed to keep the information safe.

While putting some of your trust in the cloud is rarely a problem, keeping all of your data in the cloud and being overly dependent on one type of service can present some serious issues. There have been incidences with companies that have had their data deleted, which has led to the company shutting down. Code Space is an excellent example of this.

Limited Amount of Control

When you are using a cloud infrastructure, the service provider is responsible for management and monitoring. They own the infrastructure, and this is a part of their job and the service they offer to you. While that can be helpful, it also means that you are likely to have less control. It also has the potential to limit your options with the backend of the structure. For some companies, this might not be a problem. For others, it could end up being a deal-breaker.

What’s Right for You?

The cloud can be useful for many things, and it is likely to improve even further over time. However, with some of the issues that are listed above, many companies will find that it makes more sense to take the time to find quality colocation centers instead. You might want to choose a hybrid option. Consider what you need and then find the best solutions for your data that will keep it safe and easily accessible.



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