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Cloud Server Hosting in New Jersey

Posted by QuoteColo on December 10, 2013 - Updated on February 17, 2016
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If you live in New Jersey or in the New York Metropolitan area, finding affordable and powerful Cloud server hosting isn’t a hard goal to accomplish. With two major Cloud server hosting companies (Linode and Solar VPS) and a few major data center providers being located in the state (Digital Realty Trust, Datapipe, Coresite, Savvis), finding Cloud server hosting to meet your needs shouldn’t prove to be a hard task. To locate New Jersey colocation facilities, check out our New Jersey Colocation page.

In this short article, we are going to cover two of the best Cloud hosting firms located in New Jersey – Linode and Solar VPS.

Cloud Hosting Providers in New Jersey

Located in Northern New Jersey, both Linode and Solar VPS supply clients with unmanaged and managed Cloud hosting solutions designed to work within your budget and required resources. Both companies supply their clients with prebuilt Cloud hosting packages operating via a scalable sliding scale, both companies off their clients a wide selection of resource provisioning, both companies off Cloud server provisioning from multiple locations and both companies offer unmanaged and managed Cloud VPS solutions.

Moreover, both Cloud server hosting services supply their clients with stable virtualization technologies, Cloud virtual private server backups, redundant data center facilities and the ability to provision new Cloud VPS servers from a previously backed up server. While both companies share many similarities as New Jersey Cloud solution providers, two of the main differences between Linode and Solar VPS are their core offerings and their price points.

Linode vs. Solar VPS Cloud Server Solutions

Linode is a Linux Cloud provider. Their prebuilt Cloud Server packages supply clients with many choices in resources allocation and many choices in operating systems. Yet, Linode is a Linux distros provider. This means, if you are looking for a Windows Cloud server host in New Jersey, Solar VPS is your bet.

Offering Windows, Linux and Cloud App on Demand (260 popular applications like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc.), Solar VPS supplies their clients with a wide variety of Cloud hosting options. This means for the company who doesn’t want to learn Linux or has no one on staff who knows the Linux kernel, New Jersey based Solar VPS supplies two excellent services with Windows web hosting and Cloud Apps web hosting.

The other major difference between the two companies is price point.

Linode vs. Solar VPS Cloud Server Pricing

It always comes down to price. Whether you are looking for the best Cloud servers in New Jersey, the best Cloud hosting in New York City or the cheapest Cloud virtual private servers in Connecticut, it always comes down to price.

If Linode is your flavor, their price points range from $20 per month for a Cloud server with 1GB RAM, 8 CPU Cores, 48GB Storage and 2TB of Bandwidth all the way to $800 per month for a Cloud hosting server with 1920GB of Storage and 20TB of Bandwidth. As you can see, their prices run from high to low.

On the other hand, Solar VPS offers price points from $5 per month for a New Jersey Linux Cloud server with .5GB of RAM, 20GB of Storage, 1CPU Core and 2TB of Bandwidth to $80 per month for a Cloud VPS with 8GB of Memory, 120GB of Storage, 8 CPU Cores and 16TB of Bandwidth. Their Cloud Apps on Demand offering runs the same pricing scale. Likewise, if Windows Cloud servers are your thing, the company offers Windows Cloud from $30 per month for 2GB of RAM, 40GB of Storage, 1 CPU Core and 1TB of Bandwidth to $130 per month for 12GB of RAM, 200GB of Storage, 8 CPU Cores and 16TB of Bandwidth.

As you can tell, the Cloud server offerings for both hosting companies are similar in nature however price points vary widely. This said, when it comes to finding the best Cloud hosting services in New Jersey, understand your needs, understand how much you want to spend and understand the differences in New Jersey Cloud VPS providers.

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