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Server Colocation

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Colocation Promotional Pricing Options

Atlanta – 42U, 30Amps & 50Mbps – $649/month

Austin – 42U, 20Amps $ 20Mbps – $630/month

Boston – 42U, 20Amps & 300Mbps – $599/month

Chicago – 42U, 20Amps & 100Mbps – $799/month

Dallas – 47U, 20Amp & 200Mbps – $549/month

Houston – 42U, 20Amps & 100Mbps – $599/month

Los Angeles – 42U, 20Amps & 10Mbps – $799/month

New York City – 48U, 30Amps & 100Mbps – $695/month

New Jersey – 48U, 30Amps & 20Mbps – $699/month

Seattle – 42U, 20Amps & 100Mbps – $749/month

Toronto – 44U, 20Amps & 1000Mbps – $799/month

Utah – 42U, 40Amps & 100Mbps – $699/month

Virginia – 42U, 40Amps & 100Mbps – $695/month


* Other Bitcoin miner hosting and colocation rack space sizes are available including per U, 1/4 cabinets, 1/2 cabinets and private cages. We also have other data center colocation locations available as well.


Colocation – You provide the server(s) and our colocation data centers will provide the space, power, ping and internet bandwidth. Top Ranked local and national colocation providers will compete for your business. Best of all, pricing available through is the lowest pricing available and there is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

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QuoteColo’s USA Colocation and Data Centers Guide provides links to the top colocation services providers by state and city.

Colocation Services

Colocation (sometimes spelled collocation, co location, and co-location) is the provisioning of space for a customer’s telecommunications or computer equipment at the service provider’s premises, also know as a data center. Colocation pricing services providers offer different space options for a full range of client colocation services needs. Clients pay a monthly fee for the space (number of Us), power consumed and monthly internet bandwidth used.

Per U colocation services

1U is approximately 1.75” (thickness of a computer server) of colocation space. Colocation services and colocation hosting providers allow clients to bring in per U server(s) in a shared rack or cabinet.

1/4 rack/cabinet

¼ rack/cabinet is approximately 8-10U of colocation space. Colocation providers allow clients to bring in server(s) that may fill up to a ¼ of a rack or cabinet.

1/3 rack/cabinet

1/3 rack/cabinet is approximately 12-14U of colocation space. The clients bring in server(s) that may fill up to a 1/3 of a rack or cabinet.

1/2 rack/cabinet

1/2 rack/cabinet is approximately 20-22U of colocation space. The clients can bring in one or more servers that may fill up to a 1/2 of a rack or cabinet.

Full rack/cabinet colocation services

Full rack / cabinet is approximately 42-44U of colocation space. In this case, the hosting providers will allow their clients to use servers that may fill up to full rack or cabinet. This is one of the top options for clients that require a secure and scalable colocation services space.

Private Cage/SuitePrivate Cage/Suite

Colocation hosting providers typically offer private cages/suites in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 rack or cabinet options. Some of the providers offer custom private cages and suites as well. This is the top colocation services option for clients that work with multiple servers and network gear that require secure, private and scalable colocation services space.

Colocation Services Extras

Along with the Boston colocation services options mentioned above, many Chicago colocation services providers offer managed services. Managed Houston colocation services options range from simple tape swap and automated tape back up solutions to complex load balancing and custom firewall installations.