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Huntsville Colocation

Huntsville Colocation
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huntsville colocation

Many companies could do far more if they had reliable colocation services to call on. Unfortunately, without any local Huntsville colocation providers, many companies find themselves considering simply operating without this important advantage. That’s why you should give us a call at QuoteColo. We can help you find other providers in Alabama that will fit the bill. With 15 years in the industry, you can rely on our advice. Other reasons to go with QuoteColo include:

Custom Recommendations—the companies we recommend never come off some general list. We’ve cultivated a network over the years, which means we’re intimately aware of what each local provider can bring to the table. So after we get done hearing about your unique company, we refer to our network and only recommend options that make sense for your business.

Immediate Turnaround—QuoteColo knows the sooner you get our recommendations, the sooner your business can start benefiting from Huntsville colocation services. That’s why it will never take us more than 48 hours from our initial conversation to respond with what we recommend.

Free of Charge—our company won’t charge you a thing for getting the help you need.

Three of the companies in Alabama we can recommend that provide Huntsville colocation services are:

  • 63 S Royal St, Mobile 36602
  • 650 Clinic Dr, Mobile 36688
  • 505 20th St N, Birmingham 35203

While many cities in the country are called Huntsville, the largest one is located in Alabama. Huntsville has a population of 180,000 people and actually stretches across two counties. Its entire metropolitan area comprises 417,000 people. This makes it the second largest metropolitan area in the state. The United States government purchased the land from the Chickasaws and the Cherokee through successive treaties in 1805 and 1806. A man named LeRoy Pope then bought it, naming it Twickenham after the village a kinsman of his grew up in. As this was a British name, the city was eventually called Huntsville when public sentiment turned against England.

Huntsville is a town that relies primarily on military and aerospace technology for its Bitcoin miner hosting economy. That industry alone causes a demand for reliable Huntsville colocation services. There are also a number of other businesses that operate in the commercial technology sector. Examples include Deltacom, Inc. and Cinram.

If your company could also benefit from colocation services in Huntsville, contact QuoteColo today. You can call us at 888-400-3762 or we also have a handy Quick Form you can use too. Either way, you’ll be hearing back from us in just two days.