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Menlo Park Colocation

Menlo Park Colocation
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Menlo Park Colocation

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Below, you will find a list of the possible Menlo Park colocation locations that you could be working with in the near future. 

  • 529 Bryant St
  • 3175 Spring Street

Menlo Park is one of many California cities considered to be part of the greater San Francisco Bay area. It is located south of the bay, north of Palo Alto. Menlo Park has one of the most prosperous and well-educated populations in California. Over half of the residents of the city have earned an advanced degree of some sort. A coastal city, over 40% of the total area of Menlo Park, as recognized by the U.S. census, is water.

Most of the major companies of Menlo Park are located on Sand Hill Road. Many of these companies are private equity firms and investment firms that focus on technology. In 2011, Facebook relocated its headquarters to Menlo Park, and is projected to become the leading employer in the city, with approximately 6,600 employees. Other notable companies with headquarters in Menlo Park, California include Robert Half International, SRI International and Geron. The new Facebook headquarters is located within the old location of Sun Microsystems.

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