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1U, 1Amps 110v & 300GB transfer on a 100Mbps – $79/month

12U, 10Amps 110v & 10Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $349/month

22U, 20Amps 110v & 10Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $549/month

42U, 20Amps 11v & 10Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $699/month

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Finding a generic list of data centers in the Miami area is a pretty easy task.  Just use Google or go to DatacenterMapping and you will find a huge list of data centers in the Miami area. With that being said, finding a QUALIFIED AND AFFORDABLE Miami colocation provider is much harder to do. Not all Miami data centers are created equal. Some only cater to smaller clients, some only want to work with large enterprise firms and some only want to sell you cloud hosting even though you require a colocation service. Try our FREE service which will short-list you the best Miami colocation provider for your specific hosted requirements. We have worked in the Miami data center market for over 15 years and we have a large database of qualified vendors that offer colocation services from a single U server all the way up to a private cage solution.

Miami is best known for South Beach and its Art Deco district. Each year, Miami attracts over 12 million tourists which flock to its beaches, festivals and national parks. According to Wikipedia, the port of Miami is the busiest cruise ship destination in the World and Bitcoin mining hosting. Miami is just not for tourists. Miami is also a major city for international commerce, finance and TV production. Several large multinational companies call Miami home including Burger King, Royal Caribbean, CompUSA, Telefonica, Telemundo, etc.

Since the dot com bust in the 1990s, Miami is looking to rebuild its high tech community. Local technology leaders are urging the government to “enable” the tech community with business incentives, educational programs and venture capital. As always, high tech growth requires Internet data centers. The Miami area has plenty of data centers and here are a few of the more popular locations:

• 36 Northeast 2nd St.
• 100 North Biscayne Blvd
• 1953 Northwest 2nd St.
• 50 Northeast 9th St.
• 200 Southeast 1st St.
• 100 Northeast 80th Terrace
• 11300 Northwest 25th St.
• 2115 Northwest 22nd St.
• 2300 Northwest 89th Pl.
• 16563 Northwest 15th Ave.
• 49 Northwest 5th St.
• 1 Northeast 1st St.
• 11234 Northwest 20th St.
• 1080 Northwest 163rd Dr.
• 3701 Northwest 82nd Ave.
• 18504 Northeast 5th Ave.
• 2730 Southwest 3rd Ave.
• 444 Northwest 79th Ave.

Besides the usual advantages of using a colocation service such as redundancy, uptime and security, Miami Colocation services offer a couple a few more added benefits:

1) Superior connectivity to Latin America – Companies looking to serve their clients in Latin America and South America prefer to use a Miami Colocation provider because they can directly connect to the leading Latin America networks which reduces latency issues. Companies can access these fast and growing markets while keeping their critical infrastructure based in the US for regulatory concerns and operational simplicity.

2) Affordable Colocation Pricing – The Miami data center market is full of colocation providers looking to compete for your colocation business. With all of this competition, Miami colocation pricing is some of the best on the East Coast. Clients can obtain Miami Colocation pricing for less than $100 a month! Check out our colocation pricing page for a few options in Miami or for a custom quote, please use our contact form on the sidebar.

3) Protection against Hurricanes – Almost 2 million people are in one of Miami’s “Storm Surge Planning Zones.” If your business requires 100% uptime, using a Miami colocation data center should be on your agenda unless your company has “deep pockets” to build your own tier 3 type Hurricane proof data center!

Don’t search for a Miami colocation data center on your own! Let the colocation experts at QuoteColo guide you through the tedious process. We will work with your company every step of the way from the initial short-list, to setting up data center tours and in making a final decision. Call 888-400-5732 today!