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Meridian Colocation
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If your business needs Meridian colocation services, you’ve probably found your city lacking. Fortunately, although there are no local Meridian colocation providers, QuoteColo knows of a number of options in the immediate area. Let us help you find a provider that will be right for you. Our company has over 15 years of experience doing the same for other companies. When your business comes to QuoteColo for help, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

Expert Consultation—our more than 15 years in the industry means we understand colocation better than most. If you’re new to colocation, you’ll find it easy to end up paying for services you just don’t need. Let QuoteColo work with you to find out what you actually need and you can rest assured you won’t overpay.

Custom Results—once we know what your company needs from a colocation provider, we’ll get to work compiling a list of options in the area. This list will be unique to your company.

 Immediate Response—it won’t take us long to put together this important information either. From the moment you get done speaking with us, it will only take us two days. Plus, all this help comes for free.

While you have a number of options in the region, QuoteColo can recommend the following Meridian colocation providers located in Boise:

  • 2223 W Airportway, Boise 83702
  • 1450 Eagle Flight Way, Boise 83709
  • 199 N Capitol Blvd, Boise 83702

As the city is located on the Boise Meridian, the name became an early favorite and has stuck since then. Thanks to an irrigation ditch settlers built in 1892, the region quickly became a farming community. It was incorporated 11 years later. Later, in 1912, the city would benefit from the laying of a train track that ran from Boise. It served as Meridian’s main connection to the surrounding area and greatly benefitted their economy.

The Idaho branch of Blue Cross is located in Meridian. So are Idaho’s State Police and the police academy. So, a good portion of Meridian’s economy comes from the state government’s presence. Another large contributor is actually a candle warmer company called Scentsy. Its corporate headquarters is in Meridian and counts over 131,000 associates around the country. This company alone needs colocation services, which is why Boise is such a popular option.

If you need help location Meridian colocation providers, don’t hesitate to call 888-400-5732. You can also fill out our Quick Form for fast results.