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Illinois Colocation

Illinois Colocation
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Illinois Colocation

The state of Illinois is home to thousands of high-tech corporations that often need the services of an Illinois colocation center. QuoteColo is a company that can find an Illinois colocation center and match them with your company. We will gather quotes and ensure that all of your critical IT systems are managed securely and efficiently. Here is a list of what QuoteColo can do for you:

Managed Hosting at Manageable Rates – Hosting providers will compete for your business by offering competitive rates. QuoteColo ensures that you will receive quality colocation services at affordable monthly rates.

QuoteColo is Completely Focused on Colocation – QuoteColo is one of the very few colocation agents in the industry that prioritizes colocation, managed hosting, cloud hosting and dedicated servers.

Superior Customer Service and No-Cost Services – QuoteColo is a recognized leader as a colocation provider and no one in the industry can match their customer support and their no-cost solution that matches colocation buyers with the best providers in the country.

Below is a list of some of the best Illinois colocation providers.

• 835 Oak Creek Dr., Lombard, IL 60148
• 600 South Federal St, Chicago, IL 60605
• 800 Jorie Blvd, Suite 120, Oak Brook, IL 60523
• 303 E Washington Street, Bloomington, IL 61571
• 606 NE Jefferson Street, Peoria, IL 61603

Illinois is the fifth-most populous state in the U.S. and became the 21st state in 1818. While a large percentage of the residents live in or near Chicago, the rest of the state is rich with natural resources and agriculture that helps fuel the economy.

Financial trading provides a large percentage of Illinois’ current economy. Chicago is considered one of largest financial trading centers in the U.S. With the growth of that high-value service industry, it’s important for local businesses to partner with a colocation center that can manage their vital IT functions.

QuoteColo works to match Illinois colocation centers with businesses with a no-cost solution that gathers competitive quotes and presents them so that you can make an informed decision about which colocation center can best manage your IT systems. Call QuoteColo today at 888-400-5732 to request a quote, or request information via our contact form.