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Wichita Colocation

Wichita Colocation
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Wichita Colocation

Wichita is a fairly large city with a correspondingly large number of data centers located throughout. These WichitaKS colocation providers are an excellent source for businesses that are looking to outsource specific IT functions such as colocation, designated servers, managed hosting and cloud hosting. If you are in search of the right Wichita KS colocation center for your needs, then QuoteColo can help.

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The following list shows just a few of the Wichita KS colocation facilities that we can connect you with:

  • 4031 E. Harry
  • 245 N. Waco, Suite T4
  • 3700 W. May, Suite 500
  • 401 W. 47th St. South

With the large number of data centers in Wichita, it is no surprise that the city itself is fairly large. Not only is it the biggest city within Kansas, but it is the 49th largest in the entire country. The city’s population is around 385,000 but the entire metropolitan area has a population of around 636,000.

During the late 1800s when the city was first founded, its main industry was cattle due to its proximity to the railroad. Later, however, the industry began to move towards aircraft and in fact the city is now considered “The Air Capital of the World.” The main industry is manufacturing (with aircraft manufacturing having the largest role) followed by health care. Some large companies with headquarters or manufacturing plants in Wichita include Cessna Aircraft Co., Beechcraft, Cargill and Koch Industries.

With the size of the city, it can be hard to select the right colocation provider, but QuoteColo can help. Simply give us a call at 888-400-5732 or fill out our online contact form.