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Maryland Colocation

Maryland Colocation
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Maryland Colocation

Because of its proximity to Washington, D.C., the state of Maryland is home to numerous high-tech corporations, many of whom support federal government bureaus. A large percentage of companies in Maryland use the services of a colocation center for their web hosting services and other critical IT needs. QuoteColo helps businesses to find a Maryland colocation center with an array of services designed to partner them with the colocation center that fits their needs. Here is a short list of some of the services provided by QuoteColo:

Detailed Quotes From Multiple Vendors – QuoteColo will gather detailed quotes from colocation centers that include a full list of services provided.

It’s Experience that Matters – With over 15 years of experience as a colocation agent, QuoteColo is an expert at matching businesses with colocation centers for web hosting, server space and a host of other IT solutions.

No Obligation – Your company is under no obligation whatsoever to QuoteColo. Should you decide to end your search for a colocation provider, QuoteColo simply ends the process.

Here are some locations for the best Maryland colocation providers.

• 100 S. Charles St., Suite 215, Baltimore, MD 21201
• 111 Market, Baltimore, MD 21202
• 14405 Laurel Pl., Laurel, MD 20707
• 5301 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD 21704
• 175 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401

Maryland has an economy focused on the service sector with its location near the nation’s capital. Numerous high-profile corporations call Maryland home, including the United States Census Bureau, Johns Hopkins University and National Institutes of Health.

QuoteColo has matched thousands of businesses with reliable Maryland colocation providers for services like secure storage, colocation space, business continuity planning and disaster recovery. They offer a no-cost solution to companies who need to outsource their critical IT infrastructure systems to reputable colocation providers at affordable monthly rates. Call QuoteColo today at 888-400-5732 to find a Maryland colocation center that best fits your IT needs.