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Dearborn Colocation

Dearborn Colocation
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Dearborn Colocation

With a population of nearly 100,000 people, there is plenty of demand for Dearborn colocation providers in this Michigan city. If your company needs colocation servers, colocation solutions or fully managed hosting, QuoteColo can help. Our more than fifteen years of experience working in this industry makes us uniquely qualified to help your business find the right Dearborn colocation facilities to consider. You can fill out a customer-friendly form on our website or call us at (888) 400-5732 to begin discussing how we can solve your colocation problem. The Dearborn colocation services we provide are:

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One of the many colocation providers we can recommend in the area is:

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Dearborn was settled shortly after the Revolutionary war ended, in 1786. The initial settlement was actually named Dearbornville, after a General in the American Revolution, Henry Dearborn. Dearborn was later incorporated in 1893 before changing into a city in 1927. Between the two towns, land remains mostly underdeveloped. The world’s first museum dedicated solely to Arab-American history and culture is located in Dearborn.

Ford has their worldwide headquarters in Dearborn and is the city’s largest employer. The second largest is Oakwood Healthcare System. Tech companies like TeleTech are also featured in the top ten largest employers of Dearborn residents, meaning there are plenty of businesses to demand a supply of colocation services. There are five colleges in town, with SpringArborUniversity and CentralMichiganUniversity both offering classes in Dearborn, which increases the population of tech savvy people.

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