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Braham Colocation

Braham Colocation
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Braham Colocation

Located just an hour north of the Twin Cities is “The Pie Capital of Minnesota,” Braham. With Minneapolis and Saint Paul so close by, there are plenty of Braham colocation providers in the area. If your company is in need of colocation services, QuoteColo can help. We’ll use our fifteen years of experience to find the local providers that can best meet your needs. Give us a call today at (888) 400-5732 or submit your company’s requirements to us through the customer-friendly form on our website. The Braham colocation services we are happy to offer are:

Affordable Service—All of QuoteColo’s services come completely free of charge. Furthermore, you are under no obligation to use any of them. We’ll provide you the Braham colocation information you request and you’re free to do with it as you like.

Free Quotes—QuoteColo knows the importance of getting the cost of a service as soon as possible. As such, our company will give you quotes on all the services you require and can even break them down by company. We can provide you these quotes within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of speaking with you.

Free Business Matching—We’d love to hear from you about your business and what its needs are for fully managed hosting, servers and colocation solutions. After speaking with you, it will take us no more than two days to respond back with a list of all the Braham colocation facilities that meet your requirements.

One such Braham colocation provider is listed below. However, QuoteColo can recommend many more if your company is willing to work with a business in the Twin Cities.

  • 205 SW 2nd St.

Braham officially received the nickname “The Pie Capital of Minnesota” back in 1990 when Governor Rudy Perpich bestowed it on them. But the origins of the name go back to the 1930s and 40s when travelers would travel through Braham on the way to Duluth. Word spread that Park Café had the best pie around and eventually the moniker stuck.

The city is home to many smaller companies like Haugaard Accounting and Little Airplane Factory. However, being so close to the cities guarantees plenty of colocation providers for QuoteColo to research on your behalf. Companies like 3M, Cargill, Best Buy and Target, plus all the colleges and universities also make for a tech savvy population that QuoteColo can work with. Call us today or contact us through our website and we will begin finding the services your company needs.