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The city of Henderson, Nevada has a lot going for it. Unfortunately, one of those things is not a local option for Henderson colocation services. However, that doesn’t mean your business needs to go without. Colocation is an important part of staying competitive in the modern economy, meaning you could be unnecessarily losing to competition if you don’t know where to look. The good news is that QuoteColo does and we’re here to help. Our 15 years of experience are at your service and so are the following benefits:

Consultation—if your company is new to colocation, you’re right to worry about making a costly misstep. Again, we’ve been doing this for over a decade, so there’s nothing we haven’t seen. Tell us about your company and we can make commendations about what it needs from a Henderson colocation provider.

Recommendations—we’ll do more than consult though. QuoteColo will also collect the names of providers in the area and send them to you. This list will come with all the information you need—including quotes—to confidently make this important decision.

Free of Charge—all this can be yours for absolutely free. There’s no cost or obligation for choosing QuoteColo.

A few of the companies that provide Henderson colocation services we can recommend are:

  • 302 E. Carson Street, Las Vegas 89101
  • 3330 E Lone Mountain Rd, North Las Vegas 89081
  • 2595 Fremont Street, Las Vegas 89104

Henderson is a very young city, only emerging in the 40s when a magnesium plant was built to support the needs of World War II. In fact, a fourth of all the magnesium used during the war came from Henderson. The factory responsible for this success was powered, in part, by the Hoover dam. When the war ended, though, some 14,000 employees left the city. Due to Nevada legislatures, the town found other economic avenues, including the PEPCON rocket fuel factory.

When the factory eventually blew up—sending shockwaves all the way to Vegas, killing two and injuring hundreds—the city shifted its focus to more modest endeavors like commercial and residential real estate. Today, Henderson is home to a number of office buildings and the inhabitants have made Henderson colocation services a necessity.

So QuoteColo can help you find providers in Nevada if your company needs the same. Just drop us a line at 888-400-5732 or fill out our contact form. We’ll respond within two days!