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Secaucus Colocation

Secaucus Colocation
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secaucus colocation

General Secaucus NJ Colocation Pricing:*

1U, 1Amps 110v & 10Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $99/month

12U, 5Amps 110v & 25Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $399/month

22U, 10Amps 110v & 50Mbps burst to 100Mbps – $599/month

42U, 20Amps A+B 208v & full 100Mbps  – $899/month

* Custom price quotes are available, please contact us for more specifics. Please keep in mind that pricing changes often so you need to contact us directly for the most updated rates and promotional pricing options.


If you live in or around the Secaucus, NJ area and you are in the market to find cheap, affordable and powerful data center colocation solutions, you are in luck. With the cities proximity to the high tech environment of New York City, your colocation choices are wide and numerous. Due to this, here at QuoteColo we will happily guide your quest to find the best data center facility in the Secaucus area by providing you with the following web hosting services: 

Free Matching: Unlike some of our competitors, QuoteColo provides you with free matching services to the colocation provider of your choice. We supply free matching services for companies to enable them to find the best possible colocation host without having to worry about the cost of finding said dedicated server host.

Variation: The QuoteColo team has been working the web hosting industry for nearly 2 decades. With our experience, we know the major players, what to look for in data center facilities and we can provide you with a breakdown of Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Servers, fully managed web hosting and colocation solutions. QuoteColo has been there and done that.

Expedience: No one likes to wait and no one likes to wait for a service they are in need of. QuoteColo understands this. That is why, when you are looking for a rock solid colocation dedicated server host, we provide you with pricing and quotes within 24 hours of your initial request. No more waiting for your desired colocation pricing and proposals.

Below is a partial list of the colocation web hosting facilities QuoteColo can put you in contact with:

  • 110 Meadowlands Pkwy. 
  • 15 Enterprise Ave. 
  • 755 Secaucus Road 
  • 110B Meadowlands Pkwy.
  • 755 Secaucus Rd. 
  • 275 Hartz Way Secaucus

Located just minutes from Hoboken, NJ and New York City, NY, Secaucus is a popular NYC Metro area filled with young professionals. With its close proximity to New York City, Secaucus serves the greater NYC area as a main junction valve for business travelers making their way into NYC and the surrounding communities of Hoboken and Weehawken, NJ.

Economically, Secaucus is comprised largely of manufacturing facilities and transportation providers. On the note of colocation, many data center facilities are located in Secaucus, Weehawken and New York City. Due to this, QuoteColo has the ability to connect you to a colocation provider of your choice. Fill out our contact form today to receive the most cost-effective and most qualified colocation price quotes in NJ. You can also contact us at [email protected] or 888-400-5732.