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Yonkers Colocation

Yonkers Colocation
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While Yonkers has a lot going for it, local businesses are missing one key opportunity. There are no local Yonkers colocation providers. Companies need to look elsewhere, which can often be a daunting, expensive, and time-consuming task. However, if you let QuoteColo help, you can end up with the colocation services you need in practically no time at all. Plus, it won’t cost you a thing. Less you think a free service isn’t a quality one, consider what QuoteColo can offer:

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If you’d like to benefit from Yonkers colocation services, the following companies are available nearby:

  • 325 Hudson St, New York 10013
  • 111 8th Avenue, New York 10011
  • 60 Hudson Street, New York 10013

Yonkers is the most populous city in Westchester County and the fourth most populous in the entire state. It’s located just two miles from Manhattan and borders the Bronx. The city is built on a former land grant that was known as Colen Donck. It spanned 24,000 acres from the current border of Manhattan and the Bronx all the way north to the Hudson River and then over to the Bronx River out east. The man who bought it, Adriaen van der Donck, was known as a Jonkheer—a term which comes from the Dutch for “young gentlemen.” That’s where modern day Yonkers gets its name.

The majority of Yonkers’ economy is located in downtown’s Getty Square. Major shopping centers, city government, and attractions like the Saw Mill River and Hudson River Museum all depend on Yonkers colocation services for their operations.

If your company could also use these services, let QuoteColo help. You can reach us at 888-400-3762 or submit our quick form for fast results.