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Dayton Colocation

Dayton Colocation
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Dayton Colocation

Dayton, Ohio is home to Wright-Patterson Air Force base and this has led to a major boom in technological innovations in the area.  QuoteColo can help you to take advantage of the growing technology industry in this area.  We can connect you with trusted data centers that can help you to achieve all of your web hosting goals.

Years of Experience – QuoteColo has been around for more than 15 years.  We can help you learn the difference between colocation, dedicated servers, and managed server hosting.  We can get you matched up with the best data centers in Dayton both quickly and for little cost.

Affordable Rates – When you work with us, we can promise that you will get the most competitive rates.  You also have no obligation to us after you get your quote.  We simply want to help you explore your options and find the best data centers for your web hosting needs.

There are well-known data centers in the Dayton area.  Here is a list of centers that you can choose from:

  • 3362 South Tech Boulevard, Miamisburgh, Ohio45342
  • 1 South Main Street, Dayton, Ohio45402

In 1796, Dayton, Ohio was founded and it was named after Jonathan Dayton in 1805.  He was an American Revolutionary War captain and a U.S. Constitution signer.  Famous inventors like Charles F. Kettering and the Wright Brothers are from Dayton, sparking a long-standing tradition of innovation in the area.  In the last decade, major efforts have been put forth to restore the city and encourage job creation to promote a more family-friendly place to live.

Dayton is the host to many different industries, such as aeronautical engineering, industrial engineering, and astronautical engineering.  The healthcare industry is also a major focus in this city and some of the state’s best hospitals reside in Dayton.  Many technological innovations have been born in this major Ohio city.  Some of the top employers include Grandview Medical Center, BEHR Dayton Thermal, and Premier Health Partners.

Dayton is a big city in Ohio that is made up of a diverse economy.  Science and technology are major industries in this city.  QuoteColo can help you take advantage of the technology in this city by helping you with colocation services.  Whether your needs are big or small, we can help you get set up with the best web hosting and data centers that the city has to offer.