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Broken Arrow Colocation

Broken Arrow Colocation
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broken arrow colocation

Thanks to Oklahoma City, Broken Arrow colocation services are never out of reach, even though there aren’t any local options. Unfortunately, this still means a lot of heavy lifting for your company as each provider should really be considered. This is, of course, unless you let QuoteColo help. For 15 years, companies like yours have entrusted us with helping them find the colocation services they need. When you let us help, you get:

Custom Reports—we start by hearing about your company’s needs, so we know what to look for in our network. Then we provide you with a custom report unique to what you listed as necessary for your business to thrive.

Full Details—this list will be more than just a bunch of names and addresses. We’ll make clear why we recommend these companies and even how much they charge.

Free Service—that’s right. Our services come at a price everyone can afford. Get all of the above, within 48 hours, at no cost whatsoever.

Some of the Broken Arrow colocation providers QuoteColo is familiar with include:

  • 4100 Perimeter Center Dr., Suite 300, Oklahoma City 73112
  • 4121 Perimeter Center Place, Oklahoma City 73112
  • 7725 W Reno Avenue, Oklahoma City 73127

The name Broken Arrow comes from the Creek people, who originally lived in an Alabama settlement of the same name. When they were expelled and moved to present day Broken Arrow, they simply took the name with them. In 1903, Broken Arrow saw its first rail line, belonging to MKT railroad. It still exists today and continues to see use from Union Pacific railway, which runs freight through the line. Originally, Broken Arrow’s economy relied almost entirely on agriculture, though coal was a factor as well. Even with a railroad, Broken Arrow remained a relatively small town until the 1960s when it started being utilized as a suburb. Eventually, when a highway connected it to Tulsa, Broken Arrow became a convenient bedroom community.

Nowadays, Broken Arrow relies less on agriculture and far more on manufacturing. In fact, despite its size, Broken Arrow is the third largest manufacturing city in the entire state. Other large employers in town include First American Title Insurance, Arkansas Valley Bancshares, and Windstream Communications. All of these businesses need Broken Arrow colocation services to thrive.

If you find yourself needing the same, let QuoteColo help. Call us today at 888-400-5732 and we’ll get you in contact with Broken Arrow colocation providers that can help.