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Scranton Colocation
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Scranton Colocation

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If you’re in the “Electric City” of Scranton, Pennsylvania and in need of colocation services, there are plenty to choose from in the area. With a variety of reputable providers, QuoteColo can put you in contact with the Scranton colocation and host providers that will best meet your needs and budget. Call us at 888-400-5732 or use one of your contact forms to let us know exactly which services we can help you find for your Scranton colocation needs.

Services we can provide customers in the Scranton, Pennsylvania area are:

Free Matching of Buyers and Colocation Providers—QuoteColo has been dedicated to helping people with colocation needs get in contact with cloud hosting providers, dedicated server web hosts and fully managed server solutions for over fifteen years. We have the experience to help you get the results you want. Best of all, we do it for free.

Quick Turnaround—We are dedicated to getting you quotes for your colocation needs as well as reliable providers in the Scranton area within 24-48 hours of your contacting us.

Below is a small list of Scranton colocation data center providers:

•422 Prescott Ave
•PO Box 591

Scranton gained national attention in 2005 when NBC’s “The Office” debuted, set in the city. Of course, “The Electric City” had been famous before, earning that nickname by becoming the first city in the country to feature electric street cars.

Scranton started out as a town built on anthracite coal production. When coal left, revitalization campaigns began in the mid-80s. Much of the out-of-date buildings were repurposed as tourist attractions with many receiving accompanying museums.

With all its growth over the years, it makes sense that there would be a strong tech community both looking for and providing colocation services in Scranton. Let QuoteColo put you in contact with the best Scranton colocation facilities today.