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Rhode Island Colocation

Rhode Island Colocation
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Rhode Island Colocation

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Despite being the smallest state in the country, there are still plenty of Rhode Island colocation services to choose from. If you’re in need of collocation services, don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t have options. Call us at 888-400-5732 and we’ll put you in contact with the Rhode Island colocation providers best able to meet your needs. We can personally help you with the following tasks:

Hosting Management and Support: We leverage our more than fifteen years in the colocation industry in helping you find the dedicated servers, colocation and fully managed hosting IT Team your company needs to succeed. With our networking, we know who in the industry is the right fit for you.

Budgetary Discretion: We understand that the best colocation is of no use if it’s out of your budget. So when QuoteColo sets you up with a provider, we have already taken Rhode Island colocation budget into consideration the same way we did your colocation needs.

Here is a short list of addresses for the best data providers in Rhode Island:

  • 5 Central Street, Providence, Rhode Island
  • 235 Promenade Street, Providence, Rhode Island
  • 1155 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island
  • 300 Carpenter Street, Providence, Rhode Island

Besides being the smallest state in the nation (though only the eighth least populated), Rhode Island is also known for being one of the original thirteen colonies and the last two become a state. It also considered by many to have been the home of the industrial revolution. Samuel Slater developed and constructed his water-powered cotton mill there in 1790.

Being an original colony on the coast, Rhode Island’s economy was originally based in fishing for the settlers. Later it became a textile hub for the New World until the Great Depression. Nowadays, health services are the state’s largest industry, which leaves plenty of room for tech companies to help out. Companies like General Dynamics, one of the state’s largest employers, gets a third of its revenue from information systems and technology as well.

If your company is in Rhode Island and needs colocation services, call us today for a no obligation consultation.