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Warwick Colocation

Warwick Colocation
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Warwick Colocation

Getting the Colocation Service You Need in Warwick, Rhode Island!

Being just twelve miles outside of Providence, Rhode Island affords companies in Warwick plenty of options for their colocation needs. With our fifteen years in the industry, QuoteColo can put you in contact with the company best suited to your needs. You’re just a phone call away from a pricing quote on what the services your company needs will cost. Call 888-400-5732 and your quote will be returned within 24-48 hours. Our company can personally provide you the following services.

Management and Support for Your Hosting Needs: We know how to find you the dedicated servers, fully managed hosting IT Team and Warwick colocation based company your company needs to compete. Fifteen years of experience has put us in contact with a lot of people; we know the ones who are right for you.

Understanding Your Finances:
We’ll work with you to understand your budget. Our search to match you with the right provider will include the finances involved with Warwick colocation pricing.

The majority of colocation providers in Rhode Island are located in Providence. Below is a partial list: If you are interested in learning more about Providence Data Center Colocation, please check out our Providence Page.

• 5 Central Street, Providence, Rhode Island
• 235 Promenade Street, Providence, Rhode Island
• 1155 Westminster Street, Providence, Rhode Island
• 300 Carpenter Street, Providence, Rhode Island

Warwick is a city of great historical importance. Before it was the site of the Gaspée Affair, Warwick was destroyed by King Philip’s War. It is also the home of Nathanael Green, George Washington’s second-in-command and the hero of the Battle of Gettysburg.

There is plenty of technology at play in Warwick, Rhode Island. The city is home to numerous metal fabrication centers, textile factories (one of the original industries in the state) and electronic plants. Each year more tech-centric businesses gain ground in Warwick. With Leviton Manufacturing Co., Kent Memorial Hospital and Citizens Bank being three of the top employers in town, there is still plenty of need for local tech experts. Give us a call today and we’ll match you up with one of the Warwick colocation facilities or find you someone in nearby Providence who can help.