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Brookings Colocation

Brookings Colocation
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brookings colocation

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Some of the companies we know of that provide Brookings colocation services include the following options:

  • 700 E. 54th St. North, Sioux Falls 57104
  • 2900 W 11th Street, Sioux Falls 57104
  • 5300 N La Mesa Drive, Sioux Falls 57104

Brookings gets its name from one of the pioneers who helped settle the land, Wilmot Wood Brookings (the same goes for the surrounding county). He first founded the area back in 1857, but not before settling in Sioux Falls for a bit. When he and a companion eventually began to explore the surrounding area, Brookings needed his feet amputated because of a blizzard. In 1879, a railroad was built through the city, bringing commerce and more settlers in from Minnesota.

Today, one of the main employers in Brookings is South Dakota State University. So are high tech companies like 3M, Daktronics, and Larson Manufacturing. These companies all create a steady demand for Brookings colocation services, which come mainly from Sioux Falls.

So if your company could benefit from Brookings colocation services, don’t go without. Instead, let QuoteColo introduce you to nearby options by calling 888-400-5732 or submitting our Quick Form.