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Manassas Colocation

Manassas Colocation
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Manassas Colocation

Manassas is home to a broad range of industries, with businesses large and small operating within the town’s borders. Each of these businesses needs robust IT support and solutions available only from a Manassas Virginia colocation provider. Of course, for most business owners, deciding which colocation service or data center services provider to work with can be exceptionally difficult. That difficulty is doubled if you are unfamiliar with the hallmarks of a worthwhile company. QuoteColo can help ensure that you’re able to make a confident decision. How does QuoteColo benefit you?

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Here are just a few of the Manassas colocation service providers on which we offer information:

  • 9651 Hornbaker Road
  • 7400 Infantry Ridge
  • 651 Hornbaker Road
  • 9641 Hornbaker Road, Suite 1
  • 7505 Mason King Court

To all outward appearances, Manassas is a sleepy town in Virginia. Its quaint downtown area, historic buildings and small town feel all lend to this appearance. However, that appearance is deceiving. Manassas (formerly Manassas Junction), has a population of almost 40,000 residents, and a burgeoning business and industrial sector.

The Manassas Regional Airport is one of the strongest economic forces here, but so is My Plumber Heating and Cooling, as well as Micron Technology. Railroads also still play a significant role in the city’s economy, though not as much as they once did (the original name was due to the city’s role as a junction point on the railways).