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Seattle Colocation

Seattle Colocation
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Seattle Colocation Promotional Pricing

Promotion 1) 42U Cabinet, 20Amp 110v power, 50Mbps, & 24/7 free reboots. $899/month & free install.

Promotion 2) 21U Half Cabinet, 20Amp 110v power, 50Mbps & 24/7 free reboots. $599/month & free install.

Promotion 3) 1/4 rack, 10Amp 110v power, 50Mbps & 24/7 free reboots. $299/month & free install.

Promotion 4) 1U rack space, 1Amp 110v power, 300GB transfer 100Mbps port. $79/month & free install.

Other promotional pricing is available as well for per U space, 1/3 racks, and private cages. Please contact us directly for a custom price quote.

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With the rise of high-performance computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning workloads causing a demand for high-density colocation solutions, many colocation providers offer racks with advanced cooling with rack power densities up to 85kW. Instead of using racks with limited power of 2kW, clients can choose high kW rack solutions with front and rear door cooling and direct-to-chip cooling for their high-performance GPUs. Utilizing a high-density colocation allows for maximized performance, reduced operational risks and overall costs.

In the technologically advanced, forward-thinking city that is Seattle, it can be difficult to impossible to choose the perfect data center facility to use for your business operations. Fortunately, the specialists at QuoteColo have been working with Seattle colocation providers for many years, and know which can offer the services and prices that you require.

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A few of the leading colocation facilities in Seattle, WA are located at the following addresses:

1000 Denny Way, 4th Floor
2001 6th Ave.
12101 Tukwila International Blvd.
140 4th Avenue North
3311 S. 120th Pl.
1100 2nd. Ave.

Seattle, Washington is one of the largest cities, in regards to population, in the Northwestern region of the United States. It also has one of the fastest growing populations in the country. Seattle is situated close to the Pacific coast, and is located between Lake Washington and the Puget Sound.

When initially founded, Seattle’s major industries were logging, and then manufacturing. The new Seattle economy is shifting toward Internet, high technology and biotechnology companies. Starbucks is one of the most well known companies founded in Seattle. The Port of Seattle is also a major center for international trade.

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