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Comparing Streaming Music in the Cloud

Posted by QuoteColo on March 19, 2014 - Updated on March 03, 2016


Track: Manhattan

What are you listening to right now? More importantly, how are you listening to it? If you are like one of the millions of Spotify subscribers, one of the millions of Pandora streamers or one of the millions of Grooveshark deejays, whether you know it or not you are accessing one of the most popular Cloud services currently in operation.

Built of cheap Cloud servers and data center infrastructures, companies like Spotify, Pandora and Grooveshark have all maximized Cloud Computing to bring the marketplace mostly free and very stable streaming music options regardless of global location. This said, which service is the best? Which Cloud based music streaming service offers consumers the best bang for their mostly free virtual buck?

Pandora Cloud Music Streaming

Track: Revelry

Pandora is the old standby. Launching before Grooveshark or Spotify were a glint in the eye of their creators, Pandora is the universally known Cloud radio deejay. Pandora offers consumers the ability to create their own music streaming stations (much like a radio station on FM). Once a station preference is set, Pandora acts as your Cloud deejay selecting songs for your listening pleasure.

The idea is simple: Pandora utilizes Cloud servers to act as an online radio disc jockey allowing consumers to set preferences and discover new music.

While Pandora is the universally known platform, for our money, Pandora doesn’t scratch the service of what a Cloud based music streaming service can be.

Bottom Line: Too many commercials, too many tracks we don’t care about and not enough playlist granular control.

Cloud Music Streaming Rating: 3 out of 10.

Grooveshark Cloud Music Streaming

Track: Cold Desert

A few steps up from Pandora, Grooveshark is the Cloud streaming music service which allows consumers to listen to curated music lists based on preference (much like Pandora) and create their own never ending custom build playlist. Taking from the model of Pandora, Grooveshark built its platform on the basis of new music discovery and known greats.

By utilizing Cloud servers to randomly listen and by choice listen to tracks, the company is a few steps ahead of Pandora. In addition, although there is advertising, a listener can scroll through tunes and does not have to sit through so many ads.

Bottom Line: Curated playlists, custom build playlists, hardly any ads and the ability to shuffle through tracks.

Cloud Music Streaming Rating: 6 out of 10.

Spotify Cloud Music Streaming

Track: Arizona

Spotify. Started by a few minds along with the founding member of Napster, Spotify is the best of both worlds. Offering consumers streaming Cloud music with curated playlists, social network sharing, custom build playlists and access to the newest greatest artists releases, Spotify took the best of both Pandora and Grooveshark and improved upon it.

More than any other Cloud music streaming solutions, Spotify has managed to successfully combine the world of music with the world of social networking. To find a new track, simply follow and interact with your favorite artists or friends. To listen to what you like, create a playlist and jam away.

Bottom Line: Some commercials, an almost infinite range of music selections, curated and custom playlists, new artist discovery and social sharing.

Cloud Music Streaming Rating: 9 out of 10.

And oh, if you hadn’t realized it, we have been listening to the Kings of Leon while writing this article. On Spotify.

Long live music streaming from the Cloud.

Track: Pickup Truck

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