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Crackle Offers a Free Streaming Service for Television and Movies

Posted by QuoteColo on September 08, 2014 - Updated on September 02, 2014

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Most have heard of pay streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu by now. They are very popular, and in some cases, people are choosing to use those cloud streaming services rather than to use the cable company. However, those are not the only streaming options out there, and those who are looking to save some money might want to try one of the free options, such as Crackle. bills themselves as a “video entertainment network” that offers uncut movies and television shows, as well as original programming. They have a wide range of different types of programming that spans a variety of genres, from comedy to action, horror, and more. To start watching, the only thing you need to do is go to their website and register. It’s a fast and simple process, and then you can start watching on your computer, as well as a number of other devices.


Currently, it’s possible to download and use the Crackle app on smartphones, iPod Touch, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPad, and a number of Blu-ray players. This makes it possible to watch the service while home or on the go.


What Types of Programming Does Crackle Offer?


The power of the cloud makes it possible to deliver all manner of content quickly and easily. They have a growing list of content, and even though it is not yet a rival of the likes of Netflix and it does not have day after streaming, as Hulu does for many network shows, it still does offer quite a bit. Look at some of the types of movies and shows available through the service. However, you should keep in mind that many movies and television programs will cycle in and out of the service depending on the arrangement Crackle has with the creators/distributors.


Some of the available movies include Candyman, Carlito’s Way, Charlie’s Angels, The Gods Must Be Crazy, The Fisher King, Layer Cake, The Skulls, and Don’t Mess With the Zohan. When it comes to television shows, a few of the popular options on the site include All in the Family, Married With Children, News Radio, Seinfeld, The Shield, The Tick, and Sanford & Son.


Original Programming from Crackle


While they have some old favorites available on the site for streaming, one of the most promising features of Crackle happens to be the original programming they are offering. They currently have a large number of original programs on their site, all of which are unique when compared with most fare on television. While Crackle’s originals do not get the same publicity that Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon might get, they have some very interesting offerings that many people will enjoy once they actually know about them.


Let’s look at just a few of the different original programs available on Crackle.


Sequestered is a 12-episode show, and it is based on a jury deliberating a court case. The thriller stars quite a few recognizable names, including Patrick Warburton (The Tick, Rules of Engagement, Family Guy), and Summer Glau (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, which stars Jerry Seinfeld, as he literally drives other comedians around in a car to get coffee and interview them. Some of the other notable shows include the action thriller Chosen, and the comedies Jailbait and Woke Up Dead.


Just as Crackle was one of the original companies to innovate when it comes to the cloud and cloud delivery of entertainment, they are taking the same no holds barred approach to their programming.


The Service Offers a Social Sharing Function


Since many people today are part of social networks, Crackle also offers a social sharing function that might appeal to some. You will be able to register with Crackle using your Facebook login if you like, although it is not a requirement to be a part of the platform. If you do enable social sharing, you will be able to let your friends on Facebook know what you are doing on Crackle and what you are watching. For example, you can show what is on your watch list, share items, like, comment, rate, and more. Again, social sharing is just an option, and it is not a requirement of the site.


If you start using the sharing function and then realize you do not want it, you can always turn off the social button, or you can even remove the app from your Facebook account.


Set Up a Watch List


Crackle makes it easy to set up lists of movies and shows that you would like to watch, which could be quite helpful. Instead of trying to search for what you want every time you go to the app, setting up a watch list and adding the shows and movies as you come across them makes it easy to have faster access to the items you actually want. In addition, they often have special watch lists with themes as well. These can be fun if you are in the mood for certain types of programming. They also have celebrity watch lists, genre watch lists, and more. Overall, it’s fairly easy to find what you want on the service, but the watch list does tend to make things easier when you are using them on one of the apps for the phones or tablets, for example.


Does Crackle Have Any Drawbacks?


Since the content is free and you can watch it nearly everywhere, there really are no major drawbacks from using the service. While Crackle does have commercials, they are less frequent than television, and Hulu Plus even has commercials – and that’s a paid service. One of the only issues that some people might have with Crackle is the choice of programming. They do not have the same number of, or caliber of, television shows and movies as the larger companies. However, that may well be changing as the company continues to become more popular and as they start to add their own original programming.


Another element that some people might find upsetting is that some of the movies or shows they like or have on their watch list might disappear. This is common on all streaming services though. Even with the pay services, the programming comes in and out of circulation on the service. With Crackle, you can actually sign up for alerts to know if the program will be back.


Since you have no actual risk using this service, it is certainly something well worth checking out. Even if you only watch a few programs or movies here and there, you aren’t paying for the service and the only thing you are really spending is your time. Try it and see if it is for you.


It Shows the Power and the Possibility of the Cloud


One of the greatest things about Crackle and similar services is that it shows just how powerful the cloud can be and how much potential it has to offer. While it’s great to be able to watch some of your favorite television shows and movies when and where you want, it is also interesting to see just what else the cloud will be able to do and how much better it will become over the next few years. The possibilities really are quite amazing.

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