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CT Power Outages: A surge for Connecticut Data Center Colocation Facilities

Posted by QuoteColo on September 19, 2012 - Updated on July 05, 2016


Recent high wind and thunderstorms have wreaked havoc in Connecticut. In the Stamford and Greenwich areas, almost all of Connecticut Light and Power (CLP) business and residential customers were left in the dark after an August thunderstorm brought down several trees. In June, about 400 Connecticut Light & Power customers in Norwalk, CT  were in the dark because of an underground equipment issue. With all of these power issues, Connecticut Data Center Colocation facilities have seen a recent up tick in business…..
John Holland, Vice President of Sales, at Access Northeast in CT has heard from multiple clients in the Stamford, Greenwich and Hartford areas. According to John, “Clients with mission critical hosting environments are starting to look for colocation space in the local Connecticut area. CPL business customer have  been through some tough times this Summer and need a reliable data center for their hosted infrastructure.” Access Northeast operates several tier 3 data centers in MA, CT and NY that offer clients redundant power (backed up by diesel generators), advanced cooling and redundant internet connections.

As a colocation broker based here in New England, has  seen a major increase in the number of clients looking for reliable data centers in the Hartford and Stamford area of Connecticut. Power outages crush companies running mission critical services like email, applications and websites. Our new clients are learning the value of outsourcing of their infrastructure and the cost savings that comes all with it.

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