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Anaheim Data Center

Anaheim Data Center
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anaheim data center

One of the largest cities in California, Anaheim is home to several major high-tech corporations. Finding an Anaheim data center that can provide affordable and quality service can be time-consuming, but QuoteColo can help in that regard. QuoteColo is an efficient, no-cost way for businesses to find a data center in Anaheim that meets their requirements. From a variety of colocation services to data center management, QuoteColo will find the right Anaheim data center that companies can partner with to ensure the security and reliability of all their IT needs.

The Highest Rated Anaheim Data Centers

•AIS Enterprise Class Data Center Services
8939 Complex Dr.
San Diego, CA 92123
AIS was founded in 1989 and offers more than 20 years of data center service experience. They offer a wide range of services including cloud, colocation, network connectivity, disaster recovery and IT security. Their services provide enterprise-IT class infrastructure solutions for corporations of all sizes.

•Cogent Communications
300 S Harbor Blvd., Suite 510
Anaheim, CA 92810
With over 40 locations across the United States and Europe, Cogent Communications is well versed in meeting the IT needs of high-tech corporations. Its variety of amenities include comprehensive colocation services, secure server hosting, cloud computing and other applications that businesses need to keep their IT environment secure and reliable.

•WiLogic Inc.
15896 Manufacture Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
WiLogic provides wireless Internet services including integrated wireless, web hosting, VOIP and cellular products. Additional services include hotel WiFi installations, large commercial bandwidth and integrated T1 lines.

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QuoteColo is a free service that will help corporations find an Anaheim data center that best fits their needs. Its free services are perfect for companies who simply don’t have the time or bandwidth to research local data centers. QuoteColo will help negotiate an affordable option so that businesses can continue to work efficiently.