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El Segundo Data Center

El Segundo Data Center
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El Segundo Data Center

For businesses in El Segundo, CA, finding a data center that can offer reliable services with a great deal of flexibility is one of the most important considerations for Bitcoin miner hosting colocation or other data center-based services. QuoteColo can help El Segundo businesses to find exactly what they need in terms of data center capacity, security and other aspects of what makes these providers the right match. This can help businesses to find the best possible providers and to avoid having to go to the long and arduous process of looking themselves. Best of all, this service costs nothing.

The Top Providers

  • Digital Realty
    2260 E. El Segundo Boulevard
    El Segundo, CA 90245This is a data center located in a facility that boasts more than 135,000 ft.² of space. The company only deals in data centers and considers that its area of core competency. They offer a variety of different services to businesses and this particular facility has been open since 2005. They offer customized solutions, colocation, remote operations, and a variety of other services.
  • Equinix El SegundoOffering rack cabinets, footprints, cages and suites, this data center also offers a high degree of security. Their current address remains unpublished, precisely because of the security of the facility.
  • CenturyLink El Segundo Data Center
    200 N. Nash Street
    El Segundo, CA 90245This data center offers colocation services, managed hosting and cloud servers among its other services. It is operated by a very well known name in telecom.

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QuoteColo works with El Segundo businesses to find data centers in El Segundo that suit their needs but does not expect those businesses to take any of the bids given. What QuoteColo does is get the best possible bids from all of the different providers, present them in an easily compared format and allows the business to make the best decision for the business itself.