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Emeryville, CA Data Center

Emeryville, CA Data Center
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Emeryville Data Center

QuoteColo can help businesses find Emeryville data centers that suit their needs. In Emeryville, CA, there are several different options for Bitcoin miner hosting and colocation data centers but, as each business is unique, not every data center will be appropriate for every business. QuoteColo helps businesses to find the right data center for server hosting, SAS70, cloud hosting or any other business service that may be needed. One of the best things about this service is the fact that it costs absolutely no money to the businesses using it and that it comes with no obligation on the part of the business, either.

  • 365Main.comThis data center offers managed hosting, dedicated servers and co-location services. It is situated close to San Jose and San Francisco. This data center is located in one of the tech capitals – in fact the tech capital – of the nation, and operated by a business that has the capacity to provide services all over the nation.
  • Level 3
    1313 53rd Street
    Emeryville, CA space 94608Situated in a sprawling complex that takes up more than 119,000 ft.², this data center has an emergency backup generator, a minimum of 125 W per square foot of breaker power, redundant safety systems and more. They provide services including cloud servers, colocation and managed hosting to their clients.
  • Evocative Emeryville Datacenter
    1400 65th Street
    Emeryville, CA space 94608At this data center, clients can choose services such as data storage, dedicated servers, managed hosting and colocation.

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QuoteColo can help businesses find Emeryville data centers that suit their needs exactly. Rather than having to do the hunting themselves, these businesses leave it to QuoteColo, getting bids that they can look at to determine their best options and never being under an obligation to take any one of them. This makes it much easier to find the right service for your business.