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Silicon Valley Data Center

Silicon Valley Data Center
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silicon valley data center

The Silicon Valley is famous for being the headquarters for several large international high-tech corporations. But with many other smaller businesses in the area, building and maintaining infrastructures in-house is a challenge. QuoteColo can help companies find a Silicon Valley data center who can put together a comprehensive plan to handle services such as colocation space, cloud computing, cloud hosting, data server space management, network solutions and a variety of other IT functions. QuoteColo does all this at no cost, so businesses can save even more money by partnering with a data center in the Silicon Valley through QuoteColo.

Partial list of some Silicon Valley Data Centers:

•Equinix, Inc
1350 Duane Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95054
With 95 locations around the world, Equinix, Inc. is one of the largest data center operators in the world. They are uniquely positioned to handle a variety of colocation needs as well as services such as cloud computing, network solutions, applications management and a variety of other vital IT functions.

2820 Northwestern Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA 95050
With two large data centers in the heart of the Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, Telx can help many businesses with their colocation needs. Important IT functions like data server space management, disaster recovery planning and network management solutions can also be provided at affordable rates as well.

•365 Main Inc.
365 Main Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

For businesses looking to outsource vital IT functions, 365 Main Inc. is a provider that can supply services like colocation space, cloud hosting, business continuity planning and secure storage management.
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